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Nad - March 1

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 2nd u/s at 20 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I am very scared. The doctor told me I had placenta previa, which means my placenta is coving my cervix and lying low. The first u/s I had was at 16 weeks, and I am now 20 weeks. I have seen gowth and the umbilical cord. The baby looks as if he(yes I found out the s_x) is getting all of his nutrients. He has grown and he is very active inside of my stomach. I can't really feel him moving but I saw a kick and I saw my stomach jump. My doctor told me that if I bleed, go to the hosiptal. He has told me that everything is okay and don't worried.He told me if I wake up with blood in the bed, go to the hospital. Also to continue my daily activity everyday. I didn't sleep last night because I was so scared and worried that I will lose my baby and also my life. I read info on the net in which it provided me with great info. It stated I should be in bed rest. I'm scared and need advice and help. Please help and let me know. Thanks ?


Bridget - March 2

I had PP diagnosed at 20 weeks and was also terrified. I know just how scared you are. Here is what happened with me and hopefully will with you. I was told by another dr I saw for another issue (so many dr visits, I was high risk, 39, just had myomectomy,elevated blood pressure,anemic) that 20 weeks is kind of early to diagnose placenta previa. Your uterus still has a lot of stretching to do and the placenta often moves as your uterus grows. Imagine a ballon with a smiley face on it, as you inflate the balloon, the face moves, right? It's sort of a good a___logy. My placenta (and most women's) moved to where it belonged by sometime before 30 weeks. I would certainly tell you to take it easy, don't lift anything heavy and eat well,drink lots of water and all that,and I know it's hard but try not to dig too much on the internet,or at least don't let it get to you. I did the same thing and can now quote you so many chromosomal disorders and which number gene they are tied to, it's crazy.I got the info about my PP on my ANSWERING MACHINE and then looked it up on the internet and burst into tears.I'm sure you read all about placenta accreta and so did I and my OBGYN told me it's extremely rare. He got his degree in 1969 and has seen 2 cases of it. Try and relax, worrying is natural but don't let it ruin your joy at your impending motherhood. You've made it past the halfway mark and I'm sure you and your baby boy will be fine.BTW, I had a baby boy too, in February of 2006.


Leahp - March 2

I too had a low lying placenta, also my friend at work that I was preggo with had placenta previa, we were both a little worried but had confidence in our doctor's prediction of them moving up as the uterus stretches. Both my friend and I had very fast labors and delivered healthy little girls, naturally!!! Don't worry, but do take it easy until the placenta has moved off of your cervix.



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