Placenta Previa Help

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Julie - April 7

I am 20 weeks and I just found out my placenta is lying on my cervix. It's called Placenta Previa. The doctor says it may move up in a few weeks. Has anyone had this? What happened? Did you have a c-section?


syn - April 7

HI, I had an ultra sound at 20 weeks and had the same thing and was told the same thing. I Have another ultra sound at 30 weeks to see what has to happen. but if it doesn't move up then yes its a c-sections (or so i have been told)


tara - April 8

the same thing here. My 20 week u/s showed a low plecenta (very close to the cervix) and the Dr. said they will do another u/s at 30 weeks to see if it has moved up; if it hasn't and it's covering the cervix then there will be a c-section. She also said only a very low percentage (1-2%) will not move up. There is no danger to the baby at all and no need to worry right now. I checked this out on google and there was some infomation about bright red bleeding caused by low plecenta - if you get any bleeding call your Dr. so that they aware but there is no harm at all even with the bleeding. All the best. :o)


Heather - May 25

I also found out that my placenta is low and i have to go have another ultra sound on the first of june 1 to see if it is still low and if i'll have to have a c-section. I'm very nervous and scared.I'm due in July so hopefully everything will be ok.


mom - May 25

i was placenta previa. i found out at about 5.5 months. i was put on bedrest for 2 months after and i was induced 5.5 wks early. my choice to induce, and i decided to do it naturally, not via c-section. being on bedrest helped, i think. i had a lot of bleeding before, and that controlled it. however, having the natural birth was very scary.. i bled A LOT and my son wasn't breathing when he was born. if they give you a choice, make sure you're informed. a c-section may leave a scar, but it could safe your/baby's life.


Jbear - May 26

My mom had placenta previa with my sister. Her uterus grew enough that her placenta moved to a better spot, and she was able to have a v____al birth. She had trouble with severe bleeding after the birth (she was hemorrhaging and the nurses didn't believe her). I don't know if that was related to the placenta previa. I've had a c-section and it's not that bad. You can't even see my scar, it's a thin white line where my body creases naturally.


stephanie - May 26

I had this and it was diagnosed very early in the pregnancy, about 8 weeks. When I went to have my 18 week ultrasound I was so worried that they were going to say that it was still not moving where it was supposed to. I went and thankfully it had started to move into the correct position. Just be patient and don't worry to will probably move to where it's supposed to be soon....if not don't worry baby will be just might have to have a c-section instead of v____al birth...but I'm sure it will move....good luck.


April - May 26

I guess a LOT of women have low-lying placenta... but usually it moves up... so don't worry about it right now until you get closer to your due date. You will probably have more ultrasounds so they can watch it, and if it doesn't move up, then yes you will have to have a c-section.



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