Plan B Failure

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XPinkDiamondsX - January 26

Has anyone yaken Plan b and it didnt work???


Malica - January 27

Plan B is not perfect (neither is any other form of birth control for that matter), and it depends on how quickly you were able to take it after unprotected s_x. Within 24 is the best, but it can be used up to 72 hours later. Since Plan B is a huge shot of hormones, it will most likely knock your cycle out of whack -- which really doesn't help put your mind to rest because your next cycle will be weird even if you aren't pregnant. Hang in there, and try not to worry. Plan B does have a fairly good success rate especially for a form of emergency contraceptive.


wmnostl - January 28

Im completely confused! Please help. the first day of my LMC was dec 28th i have a 29 day cycle. on the 8th my hubby n i experienced a defective condom. so i took plan b that night and took the second pill about 16 hours later. then on the 10th well the 11th it was 3 a.m we got caught up in the moment and you can guess the rest. I figured since i had just taken the plan b id be ok. on the 18th i started to have very lite spottin more of a pink discharge. but nothing at night this lasted 3 days. I figrued this was break thru bleeding from the plan b. my next cycle was supposed to start on the 25th its now the 28th and still nothing. here are my symptoms: bloating, full feeling, decreased apet_te, tummy queasiness at times, fatigue, craving food i dont ussually like ( mostly fish) slight b___st tenderness ( i didnt experience any during my last pregnancy 5 years ago) cramps and hip joint pain, loss of concentration, up lifted mood, and extreme thirst. yet all of my test have come back neg. whats up am i preg? am i not? Im conserned it may be Ectopic pg. please share!


wmnostl - January 28

oh ive also had a slight fever since the 10th, a few nosebleeds and very little s_x drive (very unusual for me)


nomoremama27 - March 10

Yes, Plan B did not work in my case. We had s_x with a condom, and then again without one but he pulled out. Just to be safe I took plan B that morning. 3 weeks later, pregnant. So it doesn't always work, even when used correctly and quickly well before the 72 hour deadline.


nomoremama27 - March 10

I also did get nosebleeds as well. which is unusual for me since I never get nosebleeds. I thought it was because it was winter and the air was dry, but this has never happened any other time.


Cuteandsparkley - August 11

Can you tell me what happened, because I have very similar symptoms? I know this is a late reply but...



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