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ket1919 - November 14

I need to know if it is normal to not have had really any discharge since I came off my period 11 days ago. I have very little to none. Most of the time since I've been off my period I have been dry down there and I was having some itching and thought that I could have been getting a yeast infection but now the itching isn't as bad as it was. I don't know whats going on. I really hope that this guy that I was sleeping with didn't give me an std or anything. Can anyone please help me with this?


ket1919 - November 14

Oh yeah and before my period which started on October 30th and ended on November 2nd I had s_x unprotected a few times but he pulled out except one time I don't think he did because I felt him get soft in me and then he said he came. But when I asked him if he came in me he said that he didn't and that he came on the sheets but I didn't feel anything wet on the sheets. I was drunk and he was a little buzzed when that happened though. Anyway besides doing that before my period I also did it once during my period and then one day after my period so can that have anything to do with why I have been so dry down there?


Whisper - November 14

I think it is normal to experience v____al dryness after AF. That happened to me more often than not for a few days after AF. Everyone is different though and maybe it just takes a bit longer for you to get CM going, or maybe you are just having a late cycle due to a number of things. While possible - it is unlikely to get pregnant while on your period, and usually pregnancy causes an increase in CM - not always though. If you are worried about it take a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. If you aren't wanting to become pregnant, perhaps you should also ask about methods of birth control - and if you don't know this guy well enough to know he doesn't have any STD's, I would highly recommend condoms, or abstain from s_x. Not judging you - just giving advice - there are a lot of really bad things you can get from unprotected s_x - some of those gifts you can't return either, so always use caution. I recommend a visit to the doc for sure, to check for pregnancy if you are worried about that, but also to check for any possible STD's since you are worried over that as well, and talk about contraceptives. =). If you don't have a doctor or having financial difficulties, find a local planned parenthood clinic or health department and they can usually help you out with these things. GL! and use more caution in the future. I hope everything turns out the way you want it to.


ket1919 - November 16

Thankyou for your advice Whisper. But, see this is the first time since my period started 6 years ago that I have had this happen to me with the v____al dryness. And the dryness went on for more than a week after my period ended which I didn't understand I usually have my discharge start up like two days after my period ends. I don't know anymore. And now whenever I go to sleep I wake up sweating and hot which does not usually happen to me and I'm confused on whether or not that can mean anything......... Anyone else know why any of this could be?


Grandpa Viv - November 16

Well, you aren't old enough for menopause even if your signs sound like that. Maybe you are having a hormone upset - glands gone wrong. Only a doctor would be able to advise you on that. Good luck!



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