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PLEASE - May 2

Question: Ok here it goes; :last NORMAL AF was on 2/16...lasted full 7 days.. normal flow.. nothing different.. Here is where the strange c__p begins... 1 week after Feb AF came and went.. bbs began to hurt.. never stopped.. I have def went up in size.. no color change tho.. ok.. Mar af.. hmmm went from 3/16 - 3/ 20.... 2 day flow am only, lite rest of time. took hpt on 3/23 was Neg..bbs :still sore.. never stopped... tummy has grown.. cant suck it in.. hard when I do.. ok.. now af for apr was from 4/14-4/17 used a total of 4 pads thru entire af... (in fact I havent went thru a package of 24 since feb.. (I know odd lol) anyway.. on the 24th of April, I had a very odd white thick discharge.. but only in morn and when I wiped.. then from the 25th to now.. kinda milky looking and only when I wipe..Nipple are Very painful when touched...Specially at nite after I take bra off to put jammies on . BBS are still swollen.. that hasnt changed... I been breaking out.. and of course its after af.. Blue veins run from shoulder down around bbs.. ( just noticed that the nite b4 last) sometimes I get slightly nautious.. mainly if I get nervous, and its not enough to make me vomit. I get hungry and when I get something to eat, it doesnt set good with me.. I dont want it.. I have been VERY emotional.. the goofiest things set me off into crying. My nails seem to be growing seems oiler even the day after I shampoo, have no energy, but at same time, I get ansy.. oh yea.. and please dont take this offencively.. but b4 when DH and I would have intercourse, it would hurt, like he was hitting my cervix, now the past 1 month.. it hasnt hurt AT ALL.. almost like it moved lol very wierd.. will someone please tell me when to do.. when I took the hpt in Mar.. did I take it too soon? Should I wait to see how my af is this month? I am supposed to start on 5/13.. my cycle is every 30 days.. EXACTLY.. please please.. I need answers.. thank u


tara - May 2

With all your symptoms I'd say there is a good chance you are pregnant (except for the growing tummy as that doesn't start for a while). But I'd suggest taking another test and seeing a Dr. because if you are not preggo they need to figure out what all these symptoms are. It's not common but some pregnant women get a light period for the fisrt 3 or 4 months of pregnancy - i think seeing a dr. is the best you can do right now. Best of luck.


Please - May 2

Thank u tara... it helps :) but about the neg HPT tests? makes no sense... thank u sweetie


prego nc - May 2

Before I found out I was Prego, I had the same thing happen. I had a VERY light period but didn't think anything of it until I missed my next one all together. Looking back, my bb's did hurt more than usual and I was more emotional then ever. We just blamed it on my period or lack thereof. Before we knew when we would have s_x it would hurt also. Like it was swollen or something. You could be prego, just to soon for a test to detect the hormone. I would just make an apt. at the doctors office and they will auto. do a preg. test on you.


K - May 2

What do you mean by "1 week after Feb AF came and went". what is AF? It seems too soon that you would have all those pregnancy symptoms even if you were pregnant (hair, nails, veins, etc). If you had a period that ended 4/17, it is unlikely that you're pregnant, but I've known someone that had a period in the beginning, so you should get a test to ease your mind either way.


please - May 2

1 week after Feb AF came and went: meaning.. a week after my period in Feb thats when the bb thing and other signs.. mar and april' s af's werent normal for me at all.. so if in fact I am PG I would be goin on aprox 3 mos.. I am now noticing slightly darker areola and nipple color... anyway I may just wait


k - May 2

I'm sorry I still don't know what AF means. I would just go to the dr. and get a blood test which is more accurate. :)


Audrea - May 2

AF is an abbreviation for your period "Aunt Flow" I don't know where everyone comes up with these abbreviations


Jbear - May 3

I would definitely take another home test, if I were you. I've had all of those symptoms before when I wasn't pregnant, when I was trying very hard to get pregnant. But they all sound like enough to make it worth buying another home test. Sometimes it takes your body a while to get high enough hormone levels to get a positive test.



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