Please Am I Paranoid

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Amy - December 7

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could clue me in! I'm 21.4 weeks pregnant with a boy! I went to my 20 week scan, I was really nervous, just in case there was something wrong, praying it had all 4 limbs and what-not! But everything appeared to be fine! Ok, my question is, shouldn't I be feeling my baby by now, Moving or kicking? I use the doppler to listesn to his heart beat (music to my ears) and it's beating nice and strong. I know it sounds silly, but this is my first and I don't know what to be expecting! I keep thinking he's paralized or something, and am terribly worried! If that was the case, would the Sonographer have been able to tell? I sit alone sometimes, very still just so I can't miss anything incase he does move or kick! I'm sure it varies for diffrent woman! So if anyone can let me know if this is normal, I will be so very grateful (oh, please no jokes on how silly I'm being) thank you :-)!


Christine - December 7

Amy your not silly to be concerned...especially if this will be your first...I dont think that you have anything to worry about though..some woman do feel movement earlier...but usually with the first baby not until around 20+ weeks...probably within the next week or two you will finally get to feel him your sonogram I'm sure the baby was moving around...the tech just may have not said anything to you...remember to ask any questions you think of...some they wont answer but that one they will...All pregnancies are different and first movements also depend on the woman's size before pregnancy...good luck and let us know when you feel that first kick...


Kristy - December 7

Hi Amy! I agree with Christine. Since this is your first, it may take a while to recognize movement. I noticed that after I eat (especially something sweet) my baby starts moving a lot. You may want to try that to feel some movement. Good Luck!!



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