Please Answer I Begg Of Yall

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G - February 24

Well i just got done having unprotected s_x and i wondered if it would help my girlfrined if she peed RIGHT AFTER? would there still be a possibilaty she can come up pregnant...please help im only 15


tiffani - February 24

She can pee till the cows come home, but the sperm are already on their mission. Want to know what really works??? CONDOMS!!!!


Agreed - February 24

Or birth control pills........


rose - February 24

i have heard that if you pee right after it might help but personally i wouldnt count on it as birth control-you should be more careful in the future


ME UP THERE^^ - February 24



ME UP THERE^^ - February 24



sr - February 24

tell you to use birth control...? dont they teach s_x-ed anymore???


P - February 25

You knew you should have used a condom, you just chose not to so don't blame anyone else for your mistake. Use the head on your shoulders to think with next time.


ME^^ - February 25



n - February 25

hey your rude!!!!! u ask for our help and we give you..respect you elders..which i'm sure is like all of us!!! and those that are intelligent enough to use protection!!!!


For G - February 25

if your girl goes to a woman's clinic within 72 hours of you two having unprotected s_x, she can get the morning after pill. It can help. But you should have used a condom. She can get pregnant with pre-c_m too so don't put a condom on right at the end!!!!!!


2G - February 25

No amount of peeing will prevent one from getting pregnant. Your only hope is that she was not ovulating. Other than that, congrats may be in order.


P - February 25

Ummm... yeah you are genius. What else does "Dammit... Y couldn't anyone tell me before I started.." mean?


~m~ - February 25

One thing about the morning after pill, it's not available everywhere. I'm in the states, and I'm not sure where it is even available here, if anywhere. One more thing, even though that pill works most of the time, if you were one of those rare cases where it doesn't work, you would have a severely deformed baby..... from what I read! But I'm definitely no expert! Dude, just use a condom, or keep it in your pants, please! Oh, and bc pills help protect agains pregnancy, but there's nothing there to prevent the other goodies, such as herpes, syph, gonn, HIV, and every other nasty crotch critter out there!


Amy - February 25

I'm in the uk, the morning after pill is availble everywhere, if it doesn't work don't worry the baby doesn't come out with any deformities either. It's just not reliable, on the label it says it has an 84% chance of working. I took the morning after pill which didn't work and am now 6 weeks pregnant, am kind of glad it didn't now! I'm enjoying being pregnant and am looking forward to being a mum.


~m~ - February 25

Congratulations Amy! -- G, I have read plenty that says they can come out w/deformities if it doesn't work! It's obviously possible or it wouldn't be written in so many places! Let's not look at this through rose-colored gla__ses.


~m~ - February 25

Correction in my 19:01 post.... I wrote "you would have"... I meant to write "you COULD have"



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