Please Create An Am I Pregnant Forum

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lynnstress - June 16

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. I strongly suggest that those asking if they are pregnant visit the SIGNS OF PREGNANCY forum. Every "can you tell me if I am pregnant?" question gets into every category. NO, I can't tell you if you are pregnant. Take a home pregnancy test. If you don't like the results, call your doctor and make an appointment! And if you are too worried that you are pregnant, may be you should not have s_x until you have had s_x education in school. No, it's not raging pregnancy hormones that made me post this. My son is six months old. It's seeing the same questions every damn day. And the lack of knowledge behind them that frustrates me. I truly hope my 15 year old niece knows the answers to the questions I see posted here. Allllllllll-righty, then. Coming down off my soap box.


LadyD - June 16

I agree with the "can anyone tell me if I am pregnant" thing. Nobody can TELL you except a hpt or blood test and regarding the young people that don't know jack diddly squat besides p___s, v____a, and t_ts, they don't need to do any s_xual acts at all. I think some may take what you said kind of harsh because that's what this forum is for (questions, concerns,opinions) but I see what you mean. I've asking many questions, even some weird ones but if you don't know what "intercourse" is or where babies come from then you definetely don't need to be having s_x, no way, no how. I had my daughter when I was 18 but I never had to deal with wondering can I get pg from swallowing or S_x ed HAS to be added as a mandatory cla__s because this really is ridiculous how many uneducated people are having s_x & don't even know they are pa__sing diseases let alone getting pregnant. I actually like the Signs of Pregnancy forum because it is very informative but lynnstress, you can't knock people for posting under this forum b/c it says General PG Questions so I guess everyone feels it's ok to post whatever.


oz - June 16

Deep breaths lynnstress :) Yeh i know it can be a little frustrating when most questions can be answered by reading other posts or by doing a quick search on the net to find out how the body works etc but i suppose at the end of the day this forum ifs here for people to try and help each other. I agree that those type questions are best to be posted on the "signs of preg" forum along with all other ones asking the same thing.


HannahBaby - June 16

hahahahha your so right!! I agree 100%. The "am i pregnant" posts are a waste of time and space


Been There - June 16

Lynnstress, do you mean to tell me you haven't been using your crystal ball to help people? LOL! I have to agree with you too. The obvious answer is always "take a test" and never changes. And the detailed questions with dates and "could I be if I did this or I did that" questions too. If you're having s_x, especially unprotected, of course there's a chance you could get pregnant. LadyD, I agree S_x Ed should be mandatory, but I also think it comes too late in school and that parents should take responsibility as well. But, I don't even think all the questions come from people who don't know. I think they sometimes come from people who know they should take a test, but are scared to do so. I think they look for rea__surance to take the test. I just don't read the posts or bother to reply to the ones that I'd rather avoid.


FYL - June 16

It's pretty easy to tell which ones are the "can you tell me..." questions. If they bother you, ignore them. This is a message/Q&A board. People are going to post without looking for the answers first; get used to it. Sure, some of the questions may seem redundant and downright crazy at times, but I'm sure everyone has posted a question or two where the readers thought "What the f---???", even you, Lynnstress. And some of these people are just nervous/frightened or perhaps don't phrase their questions the right way and they come across as soudning or seeming very strange. Just ignore the posts and don't let them get to you.


tgirl - June 17

OMG-like the post about -Can I get pregnant from toilet water? Are u kidding me? FYL is right! But I like to vent, so I will ignore her! LOL


kristie h - June 19

Personally i think they should have one TTC after miscarriage or pregnant after miscarriage. I went on here after i had my miscarriage and at the same time i was reading all these stories about ttc and pregnancy in the pregnany loss forum that was the last thing i want to hear though at the same time i wanted to vent and talk tyo people that are going throgh the same thing so i had no choice.


Jennifer28 - June 19

Kristie- unfortunately, a lot of women find themselves on the m/c forum. I felt the same way in Dec. when I first visited after I m/c. But, I met a couple of wonderful girls that I still keep in contact w/ on a daily basis. We keep on the m/c forum b/c unfortunately, a couple of them are still ttc after m/c and one has even m/c a second time. I know it is hard to read about others that are already ttc when you have just experienced a loss. So, I agree, they should have a ttc or pg after m/c forum.


frankschick2001 - June 19

Those Am I Pregnant posts are so annoying, I hardly ever even open them up and even less do I reply to them. I did in the beginning, but then it was just stupid. Every little stomach twinge and they think they are pregnant. This is not a question tha can be answered ONLINE! The internet is great, but come on girls!!!


kristie h - June 20

to tr


Jade - June 20

I totally agree with everything you said, lynnstress!


Been There - June 20

kristie h, I understand where you are coming from. But I also think that's the point of talking about TTC after m/c. Because it can be so discouraging to suffer through it, you just want to give up. I know, because I wanted to when I miscarried. I think there is support in coming together to discuss working on it again once you've worked through it. You share the "what if" fears and find strength in others who also need to find the courage to try again.



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