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Nevaeh5284 - March 27

hi my name is nevaeh and i am 15 yrs old. to get to the point i just started having s_x with my boyfriend. well i do know that i am on a 30-35 day cycle as far as my period but me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 4, 16,24-26 of march. well when we was having s_x on the 16th i noticed that i had a lot of mucus in my va___a (cervical mucus) before we started to have s_x and that has never been like that before. well of course he came inside of me (big mistake) huh but, what i need to know is am i pregnant or could be pregnant this week i have had tingling in my br___t in cramps on the left side of my abdomen. what should i do please help me.


Jenn - March 27

well, no one here can tell you if your pregnnat-you need to take a test and wait for your period. Eventually you'll start your period or you'll get a positive test. If all those times were unprotected, then there is a big possibility that you could be pregnant. Have you missed your period for this month or are you still expecting it to come?


Jenn - March 27

Also, if you can't afford a test-you can look in the phone book for a Planned parenthood and they give them for free-also, you may want to call your local health department-sometimes they give them for free too. Also, Dollar trees have them for cheap-usually behind the counter and they work good too.


Nevaeh5284 - March 27

thanks, well i am just going to wait till the end of the month and see if nothing then i will take the test


pinkie - March 27

i dont know about planned parenthood because they do tend to charge a fee for both testing and the office visit but i guess oit varies by location but you can call1-800-395-HELP and they will refer you to a clinic near you that will give you free preg testing, sonogram and free cla__ses on parentin, finances, relationships, birthing, caring for a newborn and more i wish i knew the website but i really cant remember


Bee99 - March 30

Youll need to take a teas but you ovulate 14 days b4 your period so your cycle is 30 to 35 days youd ovulate 16 to 20 days after your period keepinh in mind sperm lives on average 3days and can but rare upto a week.


Nevaeh5284 - April 2

thank you both for the information. i found an clinic in my area thou. my apointment is this coming fri please be praying for me i am really nerves



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