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fj25george - January 14

I just wanted to start off by saying that I am 26yrs old and ever sence I can remeber my period has been so regualer. My last three periods were 10/26/2006, 11/24/2006, and 12/25/2006. And I found out today I was pregnant. Well I have had s_x with two guys one name RUDY on December 2nd and the other one name BRAD December 7th and 8th. I dont know who the father is. I want it to be the one I had s_x with on December 7th BRAD but I guess I will have to wait to find out. If I go by the chart saying 14 days after the first day of your last period it would December 7th my fertal time and also the 8th of december I do rember my temparture was realy high and I felt weird saliva like being fertal that day. Do you guys think it is BRAD's or RUDY's? Please help. My period is due around this January 25 and I probly wont get it cause i found out earliy I was pregnant. Who do u think it is?


Sovi - January 14

You got your period on 12/25, but had s_x on 12/7 & 8th and say you're pregnant. So if that's the case, then what you thought was your period wasn't your period. Your fertile timeframe was around the time you had s_x with Brad, especially since you indicated the ovulation signs...peak temperature and increase in cervical mucus. If that is truly the case, then Brad is the father. It's not Rudy's because you had s_x with him a week prior to possible ovulation...sperm can only live within the reproductive track an average of 2 days. Good luck. And congratulations.


SaraH - January 15

Okay there are some factors that make this a bit harder to guess on then normal. Your cycle was 29 days (oct-nov) and then 30 days (nov–dec). Ovulation always occurs about 2 weeks before you get your period. If your period is due around the 25th of Jan, then you shouldn't have normally ovulated until around the 11th of this month. However ovulations does vary by a few days from cycle to cycle for most women (the fact that your cycle is a day or two different in length from month to month is probably due to this difference), -- ovulation is not exact. The “14 day” is not exact either and is based off of a 28 day cycle (it appears that your cycle is normally a couple days longer then that). Also it is the days before your period (AF) that vary the most. The days after you ovulate however are much more constant and tend to be about 13 days prior to your next period (get your period around day 14). This does vary a small amount but is more constant between all women then the “14 days” after the 1st day of your last period. So, just to try to help you understand some of this, a women w/ a 35 day cycle doesn't ovulate 14 days after the start of her last period, but instead she ovulates approximately around day 22 of her cycle. Considering all this, if your next period is due around the 25th of January (this is about a 31 day cycle) you shouldn't have ovulated until around the 11th. Since you just found out your pregnant though, you obviously must have ovulated much earlier then the 11th, b/c to get a positive hpt you generally need to be at lest week past conception (and most of the time it’s closer to 2+ weeks before a HPT will come out positive). While Rudy could be the dad, and it would make more sense for you to have gotten a positive HPT at this pt. if it was Rudy, it seems less likely that he is simply b/c you would have had to have ovulated very very early in your cycle for it to have been him (much earlier then normal; about 8 days after the start of your last period. This isn’t impossible –occasionally women ovulate during their AF, but it is not at all common). If conception occurred w/ Brad then it is very early to have a positive HPT but again not impossible. If it was Brad then you would have ovulated at about 14 days after your last period date, which again is probably a day or two early for you normally but is much more likely then ovulating around the 2nd. If you hadn’t gotten a positive test so early I’d be more sure at saying Brad, but I’d still say if I had to guess that Brad is the more likely candidate –the HPT showing up so early is the only part that makes it a little bit less likely but it’s still the better guess –especially since you had other signs of fertility at that time. Overall though I’d definitely get a paternity test just to be sure. Anyways, hope that wasn’t to confusing, I know I didn’t do the best at explaining it all, but hope that helped some. Good luck and Congratulations.


DownbutnotOUT - January 15

She accidently gave the wrong dates and created a new thread instead of sleeping wih brad and rudy in December she did in January and had a period dec. 25.


SaraH - January 15

I guess I a__sumed that your dates were ment to read Jan 2 and Jan 7, 8 so, my post wouldn't change at all from what I had.



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