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Amelia - November 21

My husband and I have been ttc for the last 6 months! We havent had any luck yet, but these things take time! Ive noticed that sometimes his sperm looks like jell kinda, only little pieces! I know this may sound gross, could there be a possibility that he may not be able to have children, im afraid to say anything to him because he wants to be a father more than anything, if anyone might have any information please let me know!


Kaytee - November 21

Amelia, I dont think you should worry too much. Is it just some little pieces, or all of his sperm is gel like? My husband and I are pregnant now, and I've noticed that there are sometimes chunky pieces of sperm that comes out. My thinking,(not sure about this) is that maybe those pieces were the first part of his ejaculation, that was kinda plugging it. Again, Im not too sure, but it sounds kinda logical. Sorry for the graphic explanation, but that's the best answer I had! And no, we had absolutely no problem concieving.


amelia - November 22

Thank you for your help, it was just small pieces! Im not to concerned about it, I used to be on the Depo so i think that may be against me right now! If you dont mind me asking how long did it take for you to conceive?


Kaytee - November 22

Well, Im really glad to hear that I could ease your mind a bit! I was on the Depo for a while too, then came off, because of the awful side effects(hairloss, moodiness and weight gain)and after we started having s_x without protection, I got pregnant in about 5 months. I didnt do much to make sure I was ovulating at the time, so it was kinda just luck. I hope this helps, and dont worry, you'll get there!


amelia - November 23

Thank you! I was getting really worried, I know that my husband and I can both have kids, I just wanted to make sure since ive just noticed! I really appreciate all your help!


Kaytee - November 23

no problem at all amelia, Im so glad I could help a little! It's usually ME asking questions all the it's kinda fun to have an answer for once! LOL, good luck with everything, and I bet soon enough you'll get a positive test!



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