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Tona - February 16

This is my fourth pregnancy and my pre pregnancy weight is 96 lbs I have had no complications with any of my pregnancies, I also have always lost a few lbs in the first trimester, I have never had many symptoms just kinda smooth sailed through the whole thing. This time I went to my first visit and he could not find a heart beat and he did an ultrasound and found the baby and the heart then found another sac a little bigger than the first but could not see if there was anything in it, he said either it was a twin but not anymore or it still is but he can't see it, he said it looked like I was around 8 weeks along. I have gained 8 lbs and have had 24/7 sickness and I am more tired than I thought a person could ever be, I can also feel my uterus half way up to my belly button. My next doc visit will be march 6th and he said we will do another u/s around 18 weeks. What do you guys think about all this? has anyone had this happen? mostly i'm just driving myself nuts about this not knowing. Any advice will help:-) thank you .


s_xy_n_sweet - February 16

I had the same thing happen to me when I was 8 weeks pregnant or so I thought anyways...but when I had my ultrasound the doctor told me I was 10 weeks pregnant. She did not find a heartbeat either but we did see the baby. All I can suggest is eat healthy and feel healthy and you should be fine. If there are any complications, see a doctor right away!


suze42 - February 16

Tona, have you found anything you suspect twins?? I watched a very interesting show on TLC that said something like 30pct of pregnancies begin as twins...sometimes between the first and second u/s, the twin dissappears and is absorbed back into the if you never have an early us/ you never even know. Or maybe you are carrying 2!! Either way Im sure you are okay...just keep following up w/doc and take care of you and baby/s! Also, i dont know how old you are, but as you age your pregnancies can be more symptomatic, more weight gain etc...


Tona - February 16

I do suspect twins because this pregnancy has been a whole new thing, and horrible! I am 22 years old and have never measured normal with any pregnancy always very small but my babys are always big, and I have always gained between 25-35 lbs with all of my children and my doctor said it is fine because I am healthy and the babies. I have been reading alot of the other forums and it sounds like this is pretty common, alot of the time the other twin is fine and they see it with the next u/s. I am praying all is well and both babies are fine. Thank you so much for your replys, it helps alot to be able to talk to other people.


Appie - February 17

In addition to all your reasons why it might be twins the chance of you having twins after 2 or 3 other pregnancies goes way up....I haven't had it happen, but I just read about it on a website. Are there twins in your family??


Tona - February 17

My grandmother was pregnant with twins for several months but lost them. And my cousin from my moms side was also pregnant with twins but she had an abortion but I won't say what I think of her and that. I also had heard that the more kids you have and the closer they are together the more likely you are to have twins and also if you have b___st fed recently, wich I quit b___st feeding about 9 months before I got pregnant and all 3 of my kids are 5 and under. I'm hoping for twins:-)


suze42 - February 17

WOW tona, you are one busy gal! Good luck to you!!


mgrave - February 19

Hi, I am pretty new at this site. I just wanted to tell you Tona, my little story as being a twin myself. My mom was pregnant with twins, she went to the doc and he said that she only had one baby. My sister and my heartbeat were the exact same and we were back-to-back so in the u/s the only thing they could see was just one of us. By about 30-35 weeks my mom knew she was having twins due to all of the movement in her belly! I just thought I'd share this...good luck!


Tona - February 28

Update! Yesterday I started spotting and called the doctor and he said to come in today at 8:00am so I went and found out it was twins but I am losing one of them, but the other is perfect! I am just happy that we have one healthy baby in there. Thank you all for writing and the help!



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