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Miloswife01 - February 12

Ok here's the thing My mom is living with my Grandparents and hubby and I get along a lot better with my family then with his. He is in the Military and we will be going home for our DD first birthday soon. ok well heres the thing when we go home we stay at my Grandparents We have a real bed in our own room. Well i just found out that My uncle and his wife are now staying there also so when we go home we will be stuck on an air matteress in the living room with my daughter in a pack inplay in the living room also. THAT CANT WORK everybody in that house is up off and on all night long. they will wake my daughter up. plus not to mention this is our vaction. the problem is that No matter what the situation If i try to confront my mom on it she gets beyond p___ssed and wont be reasonable and talk it out she gets p___sed and defensive no matter how i try to address the situation. I tried to address the situation and she go snotty and defensive and started being completely unreasonable. I dont know what to do it is getting to the point where i would rather say forget it and just not even bother to go home. Any suggestions.


tryin44 - February 12

I know how that goes. I would just point it out boldly but say it's nothing to fight about just facts. You have a baby and can't be strung out in a living room. Remind her what it is like to travel with a baby. That a lone is hard much less not haveing a quit room for her. Have you thought about getting a hotel. Maybe if you mention that, they would be willing to give up a bedroom for the few days you will be there.


AmySmoak - February 12

I would just explain about your little girl and that you all need your space...also, if you are pregnant, you can tell them that you are uncomfortable and it would be best to stay in a hotel close by! Good Luck!!


jen327 - February 12

I would stay in a hotel close by, tell them you can't have your daughter wake up in the middle of the night and she is a light sleeper. If your mom wants to compromise and offer her room then great, if not, I say don't let them upset you and make you stay in the living room. That is silly, if you are pregnant how can you even sleep on an air mattress. I am only 15 weeks and heck no. All in all I would be honest and true to your family, without being overly harsh. Don't sound like you are insulted, just that while 2 years ago it would not have been a problem, you can't have your daughter being woken up in the living room and you dont expect people to walk on egg shells and be quiet. Plus your health is not conducive to the air mattress. You can't control how other people will reacct, but you need to watch out for your family. Good Luck.


crackersforme - February 12

If she's unreasonable to 'talk' to, maybe try writing a letter or e-mailing her (does she have the internet)...explaining everything. That way she'll read the letter & won't have anybody to argue with. I would also explain like everybody else stated that you just can't be on an air mattress in the living room with a one year old...& if there's ANY way that someone would let you use a bedroom. Otherwise, there's no way you could go to his parents? If no & she still wants to throw a fit, go stay at a hotel, but then there's going to be that 'tension' when you are there & it probably wouldn't be a good vacation.


Miloswife01 - February 12

I think that I am just going to say forget it. Thats what my mom doesnt understand either. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had SEVERE pain in my hip I would be fine one minute and then just about collapse the next. Well I am havng the same thing with this pregnancy. I can just imagine how an air matteress would be with it. I try so hard to talk to my mom so that it doesnt turn in to a fight and it never happens she is just so sensitve and so beyond defensive that there is just no talking and it kills me. Im so stressed out that I can't stand it. I told my hubby today that i just can't handle the stress of fighting with my mom like this because of a bedroom its not worth the health of this baby I told himthat I don't want to go home. As far as the hotel issue We cant afford gas to go home the food a decorations for DD birthday and the cost of a hotel for a week plus not to mention that that would make matters worse wiht my mom. Thanks for the advice BTW


salk - February 13

It doesn't seem like much of a vacation if there is all that stress anyway. Your daughter will feel it if there is tension and stress and she may not behave as well as normal. They feel it when we are stressed or upset. So best if possible to avoid that. Not to mention the baby you are carrying to feel the tension and emotions you have about the situation. My advice - stay home enjoy the time with your daughter and hubby. Make all of you your priority. Eventually your mom will learn that you are taking care of your family first. And she will probably come to respect that. If not, you were never going to win anyway. Just be happy that you won't do that to your kids in the future.



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