Please Help Ectopic Pregnancy

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Ashley - November 18

am also worried about having a ectopic pregnancy. I just had a miscarriage at the end of Sept. and got pregnant right after. I didn't even have a period between. I had my HCG levels done and they doubled. I am supposed to be around 5 weeks. But I keep feeling like there is something on my left side low in my abdomen. It feels like a little sting or something. It doesn't really hurt alot. I have also had a few on my right side,but every once in a while. I told my Nurse Prc. and she said that it could be cysts. I also have to wait two weeks for an U/S. I haven't had any bleeding. I just can't stop thinking that something is not right. My entire lower Abdomen is a little sore when you press on it. I just want to have this baby so bad. I was 6w5d when I lost my first baby. Can someone give me their opinion? Thanks.


Heather - November 18

Hi Ashley, i had an ectopic last year i had a normal period but was a lot longer that usual with cramps on one side and some shoulder pain they operated and said i was about 7 week along. If i where you i would try and relax and think about you and your baby and positive things it will do you no good to worry constantly i know it hard i have lost out twice but try to be positive. Good luck and best wishes


Jean - November 18

I had a bad ectopic episode 3 years ago and lost my fallopian tube and alot of blood from it and became infertile(but am pregnant now from IVF). I would recommend that you try to get a transv____al u/s done as soon as you can. If you they see a sac at the top of your uterus, get it checked if it has a fetal pole, because it might be a pesudo sac if it doesn't have a pole. And they should continually monitor you for your HCG level if it's doubling normally. My ectopics has always double in the beginning, but slowed down later(I've had a couple ectopic after my first ectopic disaster). My OB(whom I'm not with anymore) also told me for my first one that the pain on one side was an ovarian cyst and disregarded it. I never bleed either up until my fallopian tube exploded. The 1st hospital I went to for an u/s right before my tube gave out, saw the pseudo sac but didn't go further to check my tubes. They sent me home even though my HCG number wasn't matching the sac size. I don't want to scare you, but really pay attention to your body and intuitions. No one knows your body better than you do. Sorry for the lenghthy msg, I just don't want to see you in the same position. Good luck and hope it turns out for the better.


Allie - November 21

I had an ectopic last spring, and almost died when it ruptured. Go to the ER and see if they will to an ultrasound. This pregnancy I had my firsdt US at 4 weeks 4 days, saw an empty sac, second US at 6 weeks 4 days, saw baby and heartbeat! usually between 5-6 weeks they can see gestational AND yolk sac, and if both are present they kow it is not ectopic. I've read of a lot of ladies going to the ER to get diagnosed when they had to wait for their dr.s.


CJ - November 21

Ashley- I experienced the same thing. I had some sharp pains mostly on my left side. It also felt sore when I would press on it. I too was sure that it was ectopic. However, I went in at 6w3d and they saw the baby and the heartbeat and everything is going well. There is a cyst (corpus luteal cyst) that is normal in early pregnancy and my doc said that could be what was causing the sharp pains and tenderness. I am now 8 weeks and don't feel it anymore. I would try to get a u/s though to ease your mind. Just be careful b/c if you get it too early you may not see anything. I had an early u/s at 5w3d and they did not see anything and it just made me even more worried! Good luck. I'm sure it will turn out fine!


Ashley - November 26

Thanks guys. And everything is fine. It was a cyst. I am starting to feel better now.


me - November 27

I have been feeling the same tihng in my right side. What did your dr say to you? Did you confirm it on ultrasound? Please help me ease my mind. Thanks-


Ashley - November 27

Yes, I had an u/s done and he said the baby was fine. He then looked at my ovaries and saw a cyst. He said it was normal but alot of women complain of the same pain and usually it is normal unless you have it so bad you cry or have bleeding. Then something might be wrong. My pain hurt pretty bad but I didn't cry or have any bleeding. I was so glad that everything was ok. I felt so sure that something was wrong.All of my pain was on my lower left side. He said the pain should go away over time. I had just had a miscarriage a month before and got pregnant before even having the next period. Good luck to all.


yoyo02 - March 5

Hi! Everyone, I am adding one more question. I am 32 years old. I have two daughters. One was normal delivery and the second was c-section. I suffer from scoliosis that is the reason why my docter did the Tube lagation. Now i was hoping that it would somehow fail becasue i want a son. My previous pregnancy was very difficult due to my back ( scoliosis). Just now i read about ectopic pregnancy this has scared me. CAn anybody let me know how to avoid ectopic pregnancy? and me being pregnant again will be a miracle i know that....but still i hope....:) one day...



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