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HELP! - July 14

I'm at a total loss here.....I had a regular period from April 17-22 & then I didn't have any bleeding whatsoever until June 2nd (skipped May altogether), where I bled for the 2nd & 3rd & then just spotted after urination on the 4th (45 day gap in-between April & June) & then I didn't have any other bleeding until July 11th, July 12th & then just spotting after urination the 13 & then today the 14th. (that was a 39 day gap inbetween June & July). Now, all my life since I have started by periods, I have always been completely regular...always the 28 day cycle....NEVER missed a period...ALWAYS came on time, ALWAYS 6 days of regular bleeding, etc.... I'm just not sure what's going on? was really strange to skip May altogether & then since then just bleed lightly for 2 days & spot for one & then that's it & the days in-between are off-the-wall sky high numbers?. Also - starting the middle of May I had ALL of the pregnancy symptoms - some have subsided, but I still have about 60% of them. I just took a hpt & it came up negative, but my mother never tested positive on a urine test. Is it worth me going to the doctor to get a blood test? I have a light brown line from my pelvis up to my belly button also & my stomachs been a little puffier than usual for the past month & this month (I've always had a completely flat stomach)...I'm just so confused, but don't want to make a doctor's appt. & have them think I'm crazy. What are all your opinions? Has this happened to anyone else since they got pregnant? If I am pregnant, I'd be 12 weeks, right (figuring I would have conceived between May 8th & May 13th?)? Help!!


Julie - July 14

The only way you'll know is to go to the doctor. Are you on any birth control? Your doc can perform an ultrasound also to see if their is another problem. A blood test is a sure way to find out.


HELP! - July 14

I haven't been on birth control for over 2 yrs. now - we've been trying to conceive for the past 4 months, but before that I'd just use condoms.......


Alexis - July 14

If I were you, I would definitely see a doctor. If you are pregnant, you will need to begin your prenatal care. If you are twelve weeks pregnant, then you are entering your second trimester already. I agree with Julie, you need to have a blood test performed! Good Luck!!!


HELP! - July 14

Does it sound like I could be pregnant, though? Not sure if the 2 day bleeding & then spotting thing is normal for pregnancy or not... I really don't want to waste the doctor's time.........


Jessica - July 14

you should go to the doctors your not going to waste time that is what they are there for. Even if your not pregnant you can find out what is wrong with your period. it will be worth the time.


Sara - July 14

Some people do have light periods throughout pregnancy...I recommend seeing a doc to see if that is what is happening to you.


Karen - July 15

You definately sound preggies to me!!! Congrats if you are!!!! And never feel that you are wasting their time (Doc's) that is what they are paid for! Yours and your babies health is what should be most important to you now!!!


Christie - July 15

I'm in the same situation, except for that happened to me since Jan. my last on time period was Jan 17... I skipped Feb. then march 3 had one..April 11....May 13...June 13... July 13...they all last 3 days...I usually last 7 days. On June 28 I took a HPT..came out negative (ok I have a period...I can accept that)...Now I look like I'm 6 months pregnant. Everyone is convinced I am pregnant...They say that I am in denial. I have gained 15 lbs. since Jan. ooh...I feel movements almost everyday...Which I blame it all on gas. My husband convinced me to get an appointment....He says I am pregnant.... I have an appt. on the 26 to check me out. What do you think?


to Christie: (fromHELP!) - July 15

Please let me know what your doc says. I'm considering calling today to get an appt. for myself. For the past month & 1/2 I couldn't get enough food (didn't matter how much I ate....I was ALWAYS hungry.....everyone said I had, now I eat a little bit & I'm full! I'm EXTREMELY moody anymore...... I'm just not myself & guess it'd be better to go to the doc to see if anything else is wrong..... Anybody else experience the weird bleeding cycles while pregnant?


Christie - to: Help - July 15

I feel the same way...I am still hungry, but I can barely can eat as much as I used to....I have been moody... as my hubby says. He gets mad at me when I have a problem with believing that I am pregnant... because of the periods and negative HPT. Other than that I have had most of the symptoms...I will let you know what the Dr. says.


bump - July 15




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