Please Help Possible Pregnancy Need Answers

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Jerry - May 22

we had s_x 3 days before my g/f's expected period and for the past week she says it feels like its coming but it still has not come. when i put the condom on, it broke at the finger broke through cuz i was putting on and always make sure its down as far as possible. Anyways, yes, i was an idiot and still used it like that....when we were having s_x i felt like i was going to ejaculate, so i pulled out, felt like it may have but if so only a little....then i got a little softer which is a sign that i did ejaculate some...we had s_x in the missinary position for only a few minutes more...then stopped. I p___sed like 5 mintues later which i always do after any ejaculation so i think i definilty ejactulated a little bit. MY QUESTION IS: at this time in her cycle, if some sperm did leave the condom, what are the chances shes pregnant. As i said, the hole was at the base of the condom, so obviously it wouldnt have been quite as easy for the sperm to leak out. she says she feels bloated, weird stomach feelings, like those associated with her period, headaches, br___t tenderness, this all started 2 days after we had s_x. Basically...all the period symptoms are there, but no bleeding....what are the chances she is pregnant?? Please help me im a very concerned 18 yr old boy


To Jerry - May 22

It is possible but unlikely that she got pregnant so late in her cycle, ovulation is generally 14 days before the period is due, and fertilisation more than 2 days after ovulation is quite rare. You haven't said how many days overdue her period is. Sometimes a menstrual period can be a little late for no apparent reason, stress is a big factor in that, especially worrying about a possible pregnancy, that has happened to me in the past. It sounds weird, but try having s_x to bring on her period, it has worked for me twice before, don't ask me how it works, it just seems to. If it doesn't work, step 2 is to do a pregnancy test, or if it is still early enough, take the "morning after pill". It is effective for up to 4 days after unprotected s_x, and prevents the fertilised egg from implanting in the uterus. Good luck


To Jerry - May 22

Sorry, I misread your post, and didn't see the bit about a week at the top. Is it possible that you had a split condom earlier in the month as well? It really seems unlikely that your gf would get pregnant 3 days before her period, it takes about 6 days for the fertilised egg to travel down and implant, so she wouldn't be feeling symptoms just 2 days later. It does sound like she could be pregnant from earlier on in the month though, the symptoms are similar for early pregnancy and pre-menstruation. The only way to be 100% sure is to do a test, because like I said, it could be something else causing it. Hope it works out for you


Jerry - May 23

Thnak you VERY much for your reply. See, my g/f's period was always like a 2-3 month cycle, sometimes longer, so she has been on this pill to lower her "prolactin??" level, she had/has a hormone problem. Recently she was at the gyno and her blood tests read the hormone level normal, therefore her period was expected to be on time. If it wasnt for that, i wouldnt be worried because t is always late, in fact she usually feels the symptoms like a week before she actually gets it. I know its complicated. Its just hard because we never really know where she is in her cycle at any given time. i think I may wait a few more days and then have her take a test. I hope it works out ok. She really thinks its her period coming the symptoms are there so much infact that she has had a pad on "just in case" for like the past 4 days Thank you for your help/opinions...any more will be GREATLY appreciated!!


Jerry - May 23

Please, anyone??!!


Christina - May 24

Hi Jerry, It is very unlikely that she got pregnant so late in her cycle, but you never know. I am 26 weeks pregnant and I felt like I was going to start my period as well, but didn't. However, it is doubtful that she got pregnant 3 days before her period. Although, if her periods were irregular then you never really know when you ovulate so I suppose in that case she could be pregnant. The only thing to do now is take a test. a__suming that her period is now several days late a test should be accurate by now so it is best that she take one. Let us know what happens.


Jessica - May 25

It is rare for her to get pregnant at that time of her cycle. However it does happen. I'm sure you know that a man pre-ejaculates and ejaculates. So even if you didn't ejaculate inside her the pre-ejaculation you may not have felt or noticed and yes she can become pregnant off of that. just get her to take a test. Why worry when she could take a test and it'll tell ya one way or the other


Jerry - May 25

Thanks to everyone so far!! UPDATE: the period has began to started tuesday and so far seems to be normal (fingers crossed) so a__suming it will be a normal period, could she still be pregnant???


Christina - May 26

She is probably not pregnant. I wouldn't worry too much if she is having a normal period. Most women don't get their normal periods and are still pregnant, but it could happen. I would still just for the heck of it, buy a test if you are still worried. Good luck



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