Please Help When The Doctor See The Heartbeat

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Monique - January 4

Yesterday I went to the for my 1st prenatal visit. The doctor did a va___al ultrasound. She saw the sac but not a heartbeat. According to my lmp I am 6 weeks pregnant but I am sure I conceived on 12/3/05. Do you think I am to early for the heartbeat to be seen? Please help!


Tess - January 4

I was 6 wks/3days when I had my 1st prenatal visit to my clinic. they found sac and the heartbeat right away...I dont want you to worry or anything this is just from my own personal exp. If i were you I would talk to my Dr right away to ease your mind. Goodluck1


Monique - January 4

That's kind of scary! I just made an appt to have another sonogram on Monday. I pray all is well!


karine - January 4

i also dont want to scare ya, but i was 5weeks/4days on my scan, and they saw the strong heartbeat and the sac


Danna - January 4

I'm not asking this to be rude, I swear - but are you overweight? Sometimes if you're overweight it takes longer to pick up on the heartbeat.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 4

I have heard lots of people say that they do not see one until as late as 8-10 weeks. I saw mine at 6wks 3 days though. I hope all is well for you!


Steph - January 4

I went for my u/s at 6.5 weeks and the doc saw everything but the heartbeat. He told me not to worry because it was still pretty early. I went in at 10.5 weeks and saw the heartbeat at 160 bpm. Don't try and stress out too much about it. Not all babies/women are the same....;o)


me - January 4

The dsr can detect a heartbeat from 5-12 weeks. 5-6 weeks is early and most women don't have their first until around10-11 weeks. Usually around 7 or 8 a heartbeat is almost always detected. It depends on the growth of the baby. Go back every week until a heart beat is confirmed. You should see one at 7-8 weeks definitely. Good luck!


Well - January 4

Most doctors won't let you go back every week until you hear a heartbeat. She needs to wait until her next appointment like a normal person. Like others have said, don't freak out too much about it. Six weeks is pretty early even though some people have heard the h/b that early, not everyone is the same. Also, insurance won't pay for tons of ultrasounds anyways. That's a waste of money and doctors time.


Drew - January 4

It's still kinda early to be too upset you didn't see it. Sure like others have said they had seen it as early as 5 weeks, BUT you have to account for differences in ultrasound equipment too, and also the skill of the person using it. Your little bean is still so small that if they don't point that wand in just the right way, they may totally miss seeing the heartbeat. On another forum I visit, when we were all just starting out and comparing notes, there were lots of differences in dates when heartbeats were seen. In a couple weeks they may be able to see one. Don't freak out yet, but on the same note, be prepared for just in case. I wish you all the luck, and a heartbeat soon! (((hugs)))



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