Please Help Conception Date Confusion

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LBALLYGIRL84 - October 24

I have taken three pregnancy tests today. They all say I'm pregnant, however, the second line that determines pregnancy is so light. I have no symptoms. Today is October 24th 2009. The first date of my last cycle was September 18th, 2009. I did a conception date calculator and a due date calculator. The conception date calculator says on or about October 3rd, however the only possible conception dates are after October 10th 2009, I also took Plan B on October 13th 2009. Should I be getting a positive pregnancy test already? I am also one week late on my period. Should I be late on my period already? I don't understand how it says I conceived on a date that is impossible.


DownbutnotOUT - October 24

If any line appears in the pregnancy box you can safely a__sume your pregnant but you should always go to your dr.'s to confirm your pregnancy. About due date calculators they sometimes don't factor in length of cycle or leutal phase which can give an off day of conception date. That or your body ovulated earlier or later than expected, if oyu ovulated late than it is possible you concieved on October 10th. You said the only possible conception dates are after Ocotber 10th, so I a__sume you had no s_x from September 18th- October 10th?! After reading about plan B it is most effective within the first 24 hours and at 72 hours 7 out of 8 woman who would have gotten pregnant won't. Im afraid it sounds like your that statistical number. Some woman get + pregnancy tests 5-7 days before their period is due. The first moment your body produces HCG (helps the baby grow) your body will NOT shed the uterine linning (this is what your period is). I would go to my dr. to verify the pregnancy and than discuss your options if needs be.


Grandpa Viv - October 25

I see what you mean. a__suming your period was due October 17, and your cycles are 28 days like clockwork, then October 10th is a very unlikely conception date. Taking PlanB would scarcely be necessary. Early pregnancy symptoms usually start before you get a positive pregnancy test (a different hormone is involved). Normally we say that a positive means what it says. If you are pregnant it is because some upset in your routine was setting you up for a 35 day cycle, in which case October 10th would have been on the money. Test again using first morning pee. That hCG hormone doubles every few days in the first trimester. GL!



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