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dee... - November 21

hi.the reason i am writing is because 3 months ago i had a abnormal pap smere then the results came out that i had pre canserous cell do to that i had hpv.the doctor told me that 80% of people have this. i had a coposcopy done and the doctor said that i had to have done a leep wish is like a little surgery that they remove whatever you have bad.Thank good everything came out perfect i whent to my 1 week apointment after the surgery and it was healing good and everything was fine. i was scared because i thoug i could not have a family but the doctor said no to woried because what he did to me was normal that he diren't had to go to my uterus and the results came back that i had displacia but they got it on time.i had to be 1 month with out having any intercorse with my husband do to it to heel propertly.1 month pass by and i am havin intercorse with my husband i am feeling alot of pain and i im havin dreams that i am pregnant i am having alot of crams and i am not even close to my period i whant a baby so bad yu think i may be or is all in my head.i am not lopoking for a baby whe haven done nothing to fall pregnanat yet but we are using the pull out method some times when whe finish he put's back they say that now since i am more clean because they took all the bad i have a greater chance of falling pregnant. is this posible


Kate - November 21

Hi dee...well, im not too sure if i understand exactly what you are asking, but I'll try. Ok, I went to my doctor, and had my yearly pap smear, which also came back with pre cancerous cells from HPV. So, she scheduled me a coloscopy, and before I could get it done, I found out I was pregnant. So, If you are asking that with the cells gone, will you have a better chance of getting pregnant? Well Im not sure, but I became pregnant even before I got the coloscopy. Now my doc says to wait until the baby is born to have the cells removed. Hope this helps in some way.


dee - November 30

thanks kate i really whant a baby that's why i am really worried.



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