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Madmax101 - September 25

I had an anatomy scan at 22 weeks and all the doctor said was that everything looked fine and I was due October 14th. But I'm wondering if maybe the measurements were off or the baby maybe 4-5 weeks behind in growth. My last normal period was December 3rd and I had intercourse with one guy from 12/11-12/13th  and then I had very light bleeding January 7th. I didn't know if the January 7th bleeding was my period or not. So I'm wondering if maybe I got pregnant from sex December 11-13th and the baby be consistently behind in growth this whole time 4-5 weeks and the doctors or ultrasound not catch it. And my due date actually being September 9th-23rd (according to sex from December 11-13) and me actually being 41-42 weeks pregnant right now instead of being 37 weeks and due October 14th according to the ultrasound and fundal height?? Please help!?!? I'm so confused!!! How long can a fetus stay in the womb? HELP PLEASE!!!! IM not very knowledgeable in this kind of stuff! 


Grandpa Viv - September 26

An Oct 14 due date ties in with ovulation Jan 21 and last period Jan 7. I don't see any way this pregnancy could tie in with sex in December


Madmax101 - October 1

So you Dont think it'd be possible that they wouldn't have noticed at that scan that i was 4-5 weeks further ahead. And now would be 42-43 weeks?


Madmax101 - October 1

Sorry I messed that up. - "you don't think it'd be possible for them to mistake at the 22 week scan that I was 22 weeks (due October 14th) instead of 4-5 weeks farther along (22-26 weeks instead and initially suppose to be due September 9th-23rd) and the baby just have very SLOW GROWTH or IUGR and them not being able to notice since that was my first and only ultrasound? 


Madmax101 - October 1

26-27 weeks along at the time instead of the initial 22 weeks. Which would make me 42+1-43+1 right now instead of 38+1 weeks 


Madmax101 - October 4

?? Any other thoughts? I’d like to not worry or stress about this any longer it’s ruint my entire pregnancy



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