Please Help Hrrible Headaches Anyone Had This

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lils - December 2

I had a baby 3 weeks ago and it has been horrible the headache seems to not go away and i get nausea and ear preasure i'm very scared to go to the hospital and something be wrong any of you had this? I take zoloft becuase i have panic attacks and i get very nerveous, please let me know if had this headaches.


Jbear - December 3

Does your headache go away completely when you lie down? I had a headache like that after I had my first baby and it turned out to be a side effect of the anesthesia. I figured it out four days after I had my baby and had it fixed in the hospital (a blood patch) but the doctors said if I didn't have it fixed, to make sure I had lots of caffeine and it would go away within a few weeks.


MM - December 3

Did you have an epidural??? Sometimes you will get what's called a spinal headache from the epidural. You can go back and they can correct it with a simple procedure. I've heard this kind of headache can be very painful! If you did have an epidural, this is a possibility and you should talk to your doctor right away! Good luck!


MM - December 3

Jbear mentioned the procedure....a blood patch....:)


lena - December 4

i had a headache for 6 weeks after i had my baby. i don't know what it was from but i took 600mg of motrin prescribed by my doc for the cut she gave me. i did have an epidural...don't really think that was the cause. maybe it's just stress related.


Jbear - December 4

If you get a spinal headache, it goes away completely when you lie down, but the second you stand up it's back again. When I had it, I almost didn't mention it to the doctors, because what would happen was, I'd get up, go upstairs to see my baby in NICU, and on the way I would vomit from the pain, so I thought it was that I was scared of seeing my baby or something like that. But the day I was going to be released from the hospital, I remembered that they had mentioned a headache when I was signing all the forms for the anesthesia, so I asked them about it. They said I could go home and drink lots of Jolt cola (does it even still exist?) for the caffeine and it would be gone within a few weeks, or I could have a blood patch and it would be fixed instantly. So I had the blood patch, where they put the needle back in your spine, take a lot of blood from your arm, and inject it into your spine. It did work instantly, but they kept me an extra night in the hopsital for it. What causes the spinal headache is that they poke a hole in the wrong part of your spine when they're doing the anesthesia. They had to try several times to place mine right.



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