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Nicole - November 11

Hubby And I found out about 3 weeks ago that we are having a girl this is our first baby this is also the first Grandchild on both my side and his side well my delemma is that ever since we found out it has been one big shopping spree for my mom and she wants EVERYTHING to be Pink and Frilly well most things i dont care if they are pink and frilly but the big stuff like strollers and car seats and highchairs and bouncers those kinds of things we want them Nuetral so that if the next baby is a boy we dont have to go out and re buy all the big stuff well what do i do if she is the one buying it do i say no you cant buy that one it has to be nuetral i mean i have already told her that we want the big stuff nuetral and told her why she understands and says that it makes sense but every time that i talk to her when she is shopping she makes me feel bad what am i supposed to do its not like i am going to have another shower if the next one is a boy i asked her about it and she said that it is inappropriate to have two showers so i dont wnat to have to go out and buy EVERYTHING again hubby and i are trying to be practical and my mom is making it difficult i just dont know what to do any advice?


Jbear - November 11

Tell her your husband doesn't want to push a pink stroller, and tell her you'd like the carseat to coordinate with the upholstery of your car. The things you use at home, like bouncers and high chairs, don't matter too much. If you have a boy, sitting in a pink bouncer won't make him gay or daughter has a blue bouncer, a navy/white high chair and a navy carseat/stroller, because I bought everything second-hand and those were the colors I found. No one gave me anything for either of my babies, so I used whatever I found. Your mom is obviously enjoying having a baby girl to shop for, so let her enjoy it while you enjoy not having to buy everything yourself. If your next one is a boy, you can take anything too girly-looking to a resale store.


Steph - November 11

Acutally most of the big ticket items such as stroller, car seat, and swing are mostly blue that I remember. I know with my daughter her stroller was blue with sailboats on it, and I never saw a pink one...that would get dirty way to easily and really show. Same with swings, I have seen them mostly in tan/mint green which can go for either s_x as well as high chairs. Also, the highchairs and bouncers are also in neutral colors, that I have seen. I remember being pretty irriated about pink things, but honestly, what's the big deal? It took me a while to get over it and realize that I was not the only one who was super excited about having a baby. I am positive that your baby is not going to give a rip what color they are in and it's your mom being really excited for the two of you and the new baby. Also, you don't have to dress your baby in every single thing that she gets. I suppose what I am saying is don't get so worked up over something like this and yes, I know it's your baby, but your mother can't help but kind of get in the way and be a little pushy. You should compromise with her and if she is planning on buying some of the big ticket items, go with her and help pick them out together so that way she will get to go, and you'll be the one really in control of what will be purchased. Good luck to you and congrats on your girl!!


Nicole - November 11

The problem with going with her to pick it out i cant I live 8 hours from home hubby is in the army I dont care what my mom buys i really dont i know she is excited and with him being in the army i feel bad because she wont be able to see her as much as i want her to be able to and if you go to babies r us you can find all the frilly grilly stuff stollers bouncers everything and that is where she has been shopping i love my mom and i just dont want to hurt her feelings she isnt bothering me its just that hubby and i are trying to be practical and i wouldnt have a problem putting my son in a pink bouncer but hubby would i would never hear the end of it!


Steph - November 11

There's a problem with the 8 hour distance. Maybe you should go online and email her links to the bouncers and highchairs and so she can see the ones you like. If she gets you the others, gender specific, then take them back and if her feelings get hurt, then that's too bad. I've never been to Babies R Us, and it's been a long time since I had to buy baby stuff...I'm only 5wks I can understand the gender specific swing and stuff and I did not know that they came that way nowadays. Good Luck!


Don't Worry - November 11

Don't worry about it. Let her be the one to buy all of the things if she wants. And don't worry about if another baby shower isn't proper. Do you plan on having another baby next year? If you do find out your next one is a boy, then maybe she or the m.i.l. will still be excited to buy him the things he needs. And if not, then you can still have another shower. Their not too bad close together when it's a different gender. I love to go to them, and buy for them everytime. Not just the one's who haven't had a baby in years. I also love to be spoiled. So someone buying all of the things isn't so bad either.


Bump - November 12




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