Please Help I M So Confused

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lucy206 - May 25

Ok - so my period was absent since Jan and on May 1st I went to my gyno. He gave me medicine to start my period but also sent me to a fertility specialist. So I have been going there since last week. I got all my blood work done and my period came this weekend - they started me on more meds(clomid) till this sunday. Well today I had to go in for an appointment - they were going to inject dye to make sure my pathway to the ovaries was open (I forget the real name of this procedure). So before they do that they do a pregnancy test (urine). The nurse comes back and says we can't do the procedure because we did two tests on your urine and there is a faint line. So the end up doing blood work and come back to the room saying that I'm pregnant. They told me to stop taking all the other meds and that the doctor will call me tomorrow. Later - I got a phone call saying that my progestrogine level was down and I they prescribed prometrium. They did say that my HCG level was at a 108. They said normally it starts around 50. I'm so confused - I just had my period for 5 days! Has anyone had something similiar to this? I'm worried about a miscarriage. Any answers would be great. Thanks


lucy206 - June 1

Just an update - I went in the following day and my level went up into the 200's. Then I went back on Wed and it was only in the 400's. The doctor is worried it is epotic - and I go back on this coming Monday. Also - I started spotting a brownish sometime reddish discharge. Can anyone help? My husband and I have been trying over a year - we are praying it is not epotic or a miscarrage.


mcatherine - June 1

Was it provera you were prescribed to start your period? Did they do a blood pregnancy test prior to telling you to take it?


Grandpa Viv - June 1

Congratulations! hCG starts below 2 and rises to 100,000+ in the first trimester. It should be doubling every few days right now. One diagnostic for ectopic pregnancy is that hCG does not increase as it should. Docs do like to monitor progesterone levels and give tham a boost if they seem low. Any in-pregancy bleed is referred to as a threatened miscarriage, but that is not the normal outcome. Try to accept that your body knows what it is doing . Good luck!



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