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audrey h - October 9

hi ladies...i just found out that i am pregnant, and i am having the HARDEST time with quiting smoking, i have cut back a lot, but it is still right in the morning, and late in the afternoon that it gets REALLY hard for me. i am REALLY NOT a selfish person, and i NEVER thought that this would be so hard, so if any of you have experiance with this, please let me know what you did to make it easier, because this is driving me nuts...i dont want to smoke, but my craving for it is so strong, and i am so emotional and crabby now, that it makes it that much harder, please let me know what you think...also...if there are ANY negative comments about this, keep it to yourself, and just offer me the help that i have asked for, thank you in advance, and take care!


jj - October 10

hi audrey...i was a smoker too before i became pregnant..although i was able to quit the day i found out...but you might try keeping hard candy or gum with you and when you have a craving pop one in your mouth....i have heard of a lot of people doing this and seems to help...i know it helped a friend of mine when she was trying to quit which was sucessful....good luck


:) - October 10

my mom quit smoking 25 years ago when she had me...she said it was hard but she tried things like chewing gum, and munching on stuff like nuts and raisins...she also took up knitting to keep her hands busy...maybe ask your doctor for a suggestion??...i hope this helps, good luck with quitting and the rest of your pregnancy!!


Rachel.R - October 10

My doctor advised against actually quitting, because im a stressful person.. he told me to stress and withdrawl could be more harmful to the baby.. he advised i cut back dramaticly, and to have no more than 3 a day. its good


audrey h - October 10

thanks ladies...those are all great suggestions...i did ask the nurse at my doctors appointment the other day, and she didnt really give me any advice at all, which i was disappointed about. rachel r...i have heard that also, so thought that maybe trying to 'ween' myself off of them would be in my best interest, and help with the withdrawl part of it all. again, thank you all for your responses, i appreciate it, i am REALLY trying to do what is best for my baby, so thank you again.


Cathy - October 10

Audrey, try reading the book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking". I have read it half way through and it seemed to help alot. But then I got sick and my husband cleaned the house and put the book away. That as 4 weeks ago and I just found it last night. Needless to say I "fell of the wagon" and started smoking more than I was. Tonight I am going to sit down and read the rest of it. Twice if I have too. I feel really quilty about my tabacoo use and if there was ever a good time to stop it would be NOW. Really if you cut down a lot you should be ok. If only it were that easy to do. I highly recommend the book though. Good luck.


Beccah - October 10

If you just found out that you're pregnant, you may have some luck if you get morning sickness. That's what got my friend to quit. The cigarrette smoke make her so sick, that's what got her to quit. Good luck!


my two cents : - October 10

I really commend you on wanting to quit! You are clearly a smart woman who knows what is best for her baby and her body!


... - October 10

My doctor put me on Wellbutrin and it really made the difference. It kept me sane while I quit.


still trying - October 10

Hey just wanted to let you know you are not alone...I too am a smoker and am 23wks now I really cut back way back and can go several days without a ciggy but when it gets bad I do go ahead w/one but I only smoke one or two a day during the week and not at all on weekends and at home..good luck


Jamie - October 11

My husband and I both quit smoking when we found out I was pregnant; we actually took Zoloft for it, in a very small dose. We were on the medication for a total of 3 weeks, before we both felt that we could not smoke, and not take the meds - so we stopped taking the medication, and neither of us has had a cigarette since Feb. 28. (baby is now 2 months old) So, ask your doctor if maybe a low dosage of Zoloft can help you. (I sound like a commercial, LOL)


? - October 11

i found out my baby has a birth defect. i'm told it's not related to smoking and there's nothing i've done wrong. i just can't help but think it was the smoking. there's not much known about the cause of this problem. what if it was? if you can find the strength to quit please do.


MJM - October 11

When I quit my 2 best friend were Dentyne Fire gum and hard candy and Red Vines. They did help and I am now smoke free.



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