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j - January 31

I had s_x with my girfriend back on the 12th of the January and I am worried she may be pregnant. Let me state what happened. -Wore a condom, never fell off -I c_mmed inside her, but pulled out less than a second after I felt it -I checked the condom, wasn't ripped Okay... two weeks later. She has sore br___ts, back aches, sore throat on and off, and she has not yet had her period, though she is experiencing just about all the premenstrual symptoms. Its been about a little over a week since that symptoms started... I had her take a test and it came out negative, that was on the 26th... two weeks after. Should I still be realy worried? Her menstrual cycle is a bit messed up at times, but honestly I don't know if this is normal for her... I'm 16 and I can't afford for her to be pregnant... god someone help me.


dee - January 31

have her take another one just to be safe. but if you are being honest and that is really what happened you should not have anything to worry about. untill you see a positive test sign i would really worry about what SHE says she feels a lot of times it is all in their head


dee - January 31

sorry i ment to say that you SHOULDN'T worry about what she says she feels


Jo - February 1

It sounds to me like its just premenstrual.


babe - February 1

at that young of an age girls are less likely to have a normal cycler, therefore it would be normal for her to have not gotten her period on time. take a test to be on safe side.


Cris - February 1

Here's my first thing to say to you... If you can't afford a baby, or are not ready, then you're not ready for the consequences of s_x. If you're having s_x, be prepared and responsible for the possible outcomes. As for being pregnant...if it was 2 weeks ago and she's already taken a test, and it came out negative, then the chances are that it is. I took a test 3 days before I was even suppose to start my period, and it came out positive, all three!!! My cycle was also kinda crazy...


j - February 1

well thanks for your reponses... I already understand you Cris, I felt that way as soon as I was done. I have already decided not to have s_x until I am 18, but thank you for your responses everyone.



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