Please Help Me Choose A Girl Name

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teresa - February 8

Im not sure if i am having a boy or girl yet. we have a boys name picked out Cody David, but we dont know what we want for a girl. I would like to have something with the names Kay or Lynn, Kaylynn would work but i dont know a middle name.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!


. - February 8



C - February 8

How about Kaylynn Brooke, Kaylynn Anne...


PP - February 8

I am naming mine if its a girl, I am going to wait it out and be surprised, Katherine Grace. If it were me I might go with Kaylynn Grace.


Raye Lynn - February 8

My name is Raye Lynn. Raye is my first name, Lynn is my middle name, but I am called by both... Raye Lynn. Kay and Lynn could work the same.


Rebekah - February 9

Kaylynn Sharie


Lindsey - February 9

Kaylynn is a very pretty name. How bout' Kaylynn Olivia? I'm hoping to be expecting...I have a 3yr old son, and my husband and I just love Olivia..Other thoughts..Skylar, Makennah. By the way, Cody is a super cute name for a boy! Congrats, and best of luck to you and hubby. They are truly a blessing. Please send us baby dust!!!!


teresa - February 9

thanks, all opinions are very helpful!!


Just some ideas - February 9

mikayla; aalyah; savannah; jessie; casey; taylor; hannah; grace; faith; elizabeth; katie; mandy; anestasia; alexus; angelena; angel; layla; cristal; angelique


... - February 10



Avery - February 10

I love Avery, that is what we are using if we have a girl.


m - February 12

kaylynn mackenzi or kaylynn mckinley or kaylynn rhiann my litte girls name is mackenzi rhiann and next will be regan mckinley good luck and let us know


kim - February 13

im hoping to have a baby girl, if i do, i'm going to name her juliette michelle and if its a boy, then i'll name him miles dean


MARI - February 13



kat - February 14




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