Please Help Me I M Quite Worried

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Diana - September 13

I had unprotected s_x (and yes, he came inside me) the day I just barely got off my period, is there a chance I could be pregnant? P.s, This happend about a week & a half ago.


Viv - September 13

Yes, Diana. The sperm can still do their job up to 5 days. If you ovulate within that time then you could get pregnant. If that happened implantation would have occurred in the last several days, and you would very soon begin to feel symptoms like more urination and sore b___sts. I wouldn't worry unless you miss your period. About a 1 in 40 chance, I would guess. Goog luck!.


Diana - September 14

Aww man, I sure hope I'm not....I wouldn't have an abortion though if I was...But I still wouldn't want to be, I've been having a lot of discharge for some reason & I seem to be depressed & tired a lot. I hope that doesn't mean anything...


Viv - September 14

Changes in emotion and tiredness are symptoms. A v____al discharge sometimes described as "creamy" can accompany pregnancy, usually not this early. The discharge is thought to cleanse the tract. Wait until you have missed a period by a week and then take a home pregnancy test, being careful to follow the instructions to the letter, including morning pee. If it comes out negative but you definitely have symptoms, wait another week and repeat test. If you get a positive test, schedule a pre-natal appointment and have your dentist clean the plaque off your teeth. Please come back to this thread and tell us the outcome. We care.


Kay - September 14

Yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant. If you're really worried, you can check for the symptoms that Viv suggested, or you could get a blood test done (the home pregnancy tests are okay, but are less accurate).


Diana - September 15

How could early can I get a blood test done? Would I able to go to the clinic and get it done tomorrow? And what would plaque have anything to do with this?


Viv - September 15

You could get a blood test done at the clinic, but even they will give a false negative if done too early. I really would wait until the period is missed. Just go about your regular buiness and try to think about something else. The plaque deal is because bleeding gums get worse in later pregnancy and can cause premature delivery or underweight baby.


Diana - September 17

I'm still having a lot more discharge then I would usually have for some reason...and it's worrying me, because it's creamy like how you discribe it. :( Great.


Viv - September 17

How old are you, Diana. Are you going to have problems telling your family if you are?


Diana - September 17

Yeah, I'm barely going to turn 18 in december...:( and I was planning on going to college pretty soon, but if I end up pregnant, all those plans would have to be put on hold. Sadly enough, I talked to a lot of people and they where telling me that I should get an abortion because having a baby right now would ruin my whole future. But it's my baby, and if I was to end up being pregnant, I intend to keep it, because everything happends for a reason belive it or not..


Sabrina - September 17

Hoe long is your regular cycle? Start counting from the first day of your period to the first day of the next one. You ovulate 14 days before your period starts. I suspect that you're not pregnant, the increased discharge is just because you are fertile right now. If you have a 28 day or longer cycle, you are probably o.k. Now stop having unprotected s_x until you are ready to have a baby! The blood test can be done as a soon as a week before your period is due, but doctors prefer to wait until your are late and do a urine test first. Note - the urine test they use is the same one you buy at a drug store, so just use that one first if you are late. But, I suspect you are o.k. If you are pregnant, consider giving the baby up for adoption. It would be a great gift to both the baby and the adoptive parents.



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