Please Help Me If You Can Lh O Irregular Af

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yas2000 - March 6

hi everyone..bless you all for being here to share your experiences and offer your advice. i am desperate for it... i am currently br___tfeeding my son 6 month old boy. My AF returned when he was 3 months old but they have been very irregular. the first cycle was 37 days long, the second 32 days and the third 12 days. now i am on cycle 4 and need help from you guys to let me know when you think i actually might have ovulated? here goes: my last LMP: 3rd of Feb 1 march i.e. day 27: i felt wet and ignored it. 2 nd of march i.e. day 28 OPK +ve i detected a strong LH surge as well as very EWCM 3 rd of march i.e. day 29: i BD with DH as well as OPK +ve had strong LH surge and EWCM. 4 th of march i.e. day 30: OPK +ve still had very strong LH surge but less EWCM althouhg still there. 5th of march 31: OPK +ve LH surge still there strong like test line 6th of march day 32: OPK +ve LH surge there in the morning but negative by the afternoon. i would say the darkest LH surge was around days 28/29. my question is this: when do you think looking at my data did i ovulate: i am a bit dissapointed as i want to try for a girl and am now thinking i have blown any chancs of that if i have ovulated on the day i BD...but then i did have LH sureg for another 2-3 days after....and am hoping that i still may have luck in conceiving a girl. also i am breasfeeding my son mostly at night and about 3 times a day...and my cycle lenght this time seems to go into 40 days+ esp if i did concieve..whihc will be just hopin i can still plan it more better next time..if i do find out i am not yet pregnant... THE BIG QUESTION: what does it mean when the LH surge dissapears all of a sudden does it mean i have ovulated today day 32?i.e this afternoon. DOES IT MEAN THAT WHEN THE lh SURGE SUDDENLY DROPS IS THAT WHEN THE EGG WAS RELEASED? PLEASE PLEASE ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING PLEASE ADVICE!



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