Please Help Me Im Really Confused

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Buggie - November 24

I had my last first day period on the 9th Nov, went for 4 days. Then on the 12th day after my first period I noticed I was discharging clear jelly stuff like the part of an egg for two days, does that mean I am ovulating? When should I be having s_x with my partner and how often? What is a luteal phase? I have tried the ovulation calender and seems to be not working, what am i doing wrong. Am I putting the wrong days for luteal phase as Im not sure what that is?


nbp - November 26

discharge is natural, but alot of things can cause abnormal discharge. as far as ovulating, you ovulate one week before you have your period....think of it this way, so that it is easy to understand....all month long, your uterus is layering it's self in tissue, and preparing to get pregnate. then the egg is released, it comes down and it implants it's self. if it is not fertilized with so many hours, then your body sheds the tissue and the egg,...this is where all the blood from your period comes from. the most unlikely time to get pregnate is while you are on your period, however, can get pregnate at any given time. it's just natures way of being unpredictable. as for the discharge, i don't know you and don't know your life style, or your partners life style, and i mean nothing by telling you this, but i slpet with a man who had slept with a women who had PID pelvic inflamatory disease, he was the very first guy i had every slept with, so when i started having heavy icky discharge...alot like the white in an egg, i thought it was somthing that came with s_x, i went to my first gynocologist visit soon after, and they did a quick swove and found out that i had PID. i took 6 little white pills and it was gone, they said that men never know they have it, but he should come in and take the pills too. now with that being said, it never hurts to get tested, often, no matter if you have been with the same person for years things happen and you can get things from the toilet, drinking after people and in some cases using a towel that someone else has used. chances are low, but it dose happen. so go see a doctor, better safe than sorry. hope this helps a little and i mean absolutley nothing bad by telling you this, just giving you the facts.


Buggie - November 26

Thanks for your advice nbp, but i dont agree with you about the discharge bit, if i had an infection MAN i would be feeling a little uncomfortable in the stomach and my discharge would not be clear water jelly, it would be yellow and smelly. If you have a look at some of the women's stories in here, some do have the same experience i have, i think its when we start to ovulate. sorry to disappoint you, but my partner isnt like to s_x with anyone else, and IM sure he doesnt have the same prob as me. But thanks I dont need a check-up, I know its ovulation.



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