Please Help Me With Baby Stuff

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heavenly - January 13

I hope you ladies can help me with this one. I am updating my baby registry and my parent list. I am wondering if I really need half of the stuff I am wanting to put on the registry. For I need a bouncer if I have a swing? And would you recommmend that I purchase a play pen? Also what is the difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer? They come in cold mist and warm mist. I am so confused!!! I know I must sound like a jackass but I really don't know. Gosh and I am somebody's Mom. Help.


Rainie - January 13

bouncers are neat because they are easy to take places, whereas most swings are usually not portable so you cant really take it places with you. if you plan on going to the park, or to grandma's house, or a friends a lot then i would say you should get a bouncer too. if you are more of a stay at home kinda person, a swing should be enough. and i say put as much stuff on your registry as you want, if you decide you didn't really need something after the baby is born then just take back the stuff your not using and get something you do need. hint hint: keep the boxes/ receipts!


KM - January 13

hrmm well different moms find different things useful for them. I have a swing and a bouncer chair. I put him in the bouncer chair more, because he HATES the swing. But I guess once they get to about 3 mnths they start to like it. The bouncy chair, I would buy the biggest one you can find. They are useful for when they start eating solids, instead of a high chair just sit them in their chair.A lot of moms I know do this and find it more convenient. A high chair, I wouldnt even bother purchasing. maybe just a little booster seat for the kitchen table for when they are older.I myself find the playpen useful. You can set them down with some toys while you step out of the room.Also when baby stays overnight somewhere you can pack up the playpen so he/she has somewhere to sleep.A lot of playpens now you can buy with a little exercise gym right inside it.those are great. My baby LOVES his. He'll sit under it kicking his feet and swinging his arms for like an hour.One thing that is totally useless is the boppy pillow. You will never use it lol. and if you find you do need the support while feeding its just as easy to use regular pillows.I'm not really sure about the humidifier/vaporiser question lol.. so dont feel bad. I use a vaporiser, a cool mist one and I find its fine.Dont kick yourself about this, you only really know what is useful for you after bringing up one child lol. and keep in mind that if you find there is something you dont have you can always get it later.One thing I thought that would be totally useless, but I am thinking of getting is a bottle warmer. It takes so long to heat his bottles in a container of hot water and he gets so impatient.besides the basics something you definitely want to have on hand is some drops for colic.Ovol ones are really good. Also infants anecetiminophen. If you are purchasing a brand new stroller I suggest a stroller carseat in one combo. WAY more convenient. Its a b___h when they are seperate.Hope that helps you somewhat


heavenly - January 13

Thank you so much ladies. you have both been a big help. KM I am going on-line right now for the playpen and bouncer. Thanks a bunch :o)


Heavenly - January 14

Thanks Dez. That helps out alot. I am so confused about all this stuff and I am sure you are right about the clothes thing. I already got some clothes and toys for her at Christmas. I am not sure but I hear that I am having two baby showers. I don't mean to sound selfish and greedy but I hope I seriously rack up. Times is hard and I am sweating bullets. We were actually so ready for this but then I lost my job. We were in a tight place for a while but things are starting to look up. We are just throwing things to God and praying for the best result. No matter what this baby is a blessing to us both. Ok, back to the baby stuff. I have a changing table already, thank God. A few people told me that I wouldn't need it but I think that I will use it quite often. I am so ready to get everything and set up the baby room already.


KM - January 15

m, I haven't quite reached those mnths yet lol.. so who knows maybe I will end up purchasing one. More than likely I will lol. But if you are trying to save money its not a necessity I guess. I totally agree with the changetable and ba__sinett.I LOVE the changetable.get one with shelves because its great to store sleepers and allt he bath junk.I saw a playpen at toys r us, (in the states I think they have babies r us) and it had a ba__sinett and a gym thing inside it. it was great. you save money that way.



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