Please Help Need Boy S Names

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kitty - April 4

hi, i'm 13 weeks pregnant. me & my hubby have picked out a girls name but having hard time with boy names, i like alot of them but hubby doesn't like anything. please help before i pull my hair and his out.


jena - April 4

my mom and dad each wrote down their top 10 favorite names on paper and then compaired them to find my sister's name. It depends on if you like really traditional names or kind of funky ones. For boys, I love Oliver, Cooper, Theodore, Jacson, Vincent, Derek, Carsen, Noah, Casey, oh so more! congratulations on your pregnancy!!!


nikki - April 4

We're using eith Braden or Luke.


lalya - April 4

Hello, I have a 5 year old son and i am ttc my second. When i was pregnant i used to watch the end of films and look at all the names on there to get idea!!! My son is called Auryn (prenounced orin) Have fun!!! x


Jenice - April 5

first of all...congratulations!! as far as your hubbie goes, try to find out what kind of names he likes. (traditional, "new", or even grandparents names) other than that, i don't know. just keep up with it (and maybe you'll just be lucky and have a little girl, so all the worrying is for nothing!). my favorite name for a boy is Micah Jereme, and i like Caleb too. (or Steele...i know a little guy named Steele, and it's so cute!) Calvin, Jamie, and Matthais are good names too. or try looking at some names from other countries. you never know what might spark an interest! good luck though, and have fun!!!


D J - April 5

My husband only likes one name and now he says I've said it so much he's not sure he likes it anymore! I am betting that after he sees me in labor, I'll get my way. Make a list of the names you like and tell him it's totally up to him- as long as it is from your list! : ) Heck, make it a nice long list!


k - April 5

Well a name says alot and you have to pick sometihng strong with character...have him look through a book and write out a list of name s that he likes and then break it down to the top 5.Once you look at the baby see what name comes frist to mind.


tiffanycooley - April 5

hey, i have a suggestion, the two names i am thinking of for my baby(whether boy or girl) are Brayden and Cayden. I like the for boy or girl, one other name i like for either is mason


Jill - April 5

I am having a boy naming him Jack Zion, I also like Judah, Justin, Trent, Trevor. My daughter is 3 years old I named her Juliet skyler catherine. I like names that are kinda old


kitty - April 6

thanks all of u. i love some of this names. i really like the name micheal benjamin or benjamin micheal but hubby says no. maybe i'll run across 1 he likes sometime. thanks again.


latasha willliams - May 17

i never thought of little boy names and now i need help. i am 12 weeks


SM - May 17

If we have a boy we are going to name him Trevor Mitchell....


Steff - May 17



JenniferB - May 17

My husband and I took a baby name book and i went through the whole thing and checked off names that I liked with a green marker and put a star next to ones that I loved. He did the same with a red marker and then we looked through it together to see if we picked any of the same ones. We named him Elijah


selena - May 17

how about Ander?


Tami - May 17

My husband and I were goign to use the name Parker Joseph, but alas we are having a baby girl. :) I also love the names Noah, Kaden, Jackson, Carter, and Micheal. There are so many choices out there! Hope this helps.


Di - May 17

my husband and I love the name Gabriel and then used his grandfather's last name as a middle name. We also have a son named Caleb.



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