Please Help With A Name

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Janice - October 25

I want to name my daughter Jocelyn but I have no idea what middle name sounds good with it...anyone have a good idea? Or should I just leave it with no middle name.


Mia - October 25

Jocelyn...anything would sound good...I have a friend named Jocelyn Lynn and I know someone named Jocelyn Reene...


ANGELA - October 25

I love the name Jocelyn but cant get my dh to agree with it... Sigh... How about Jocelyn Kay or Kate.


Gemma - October 25

Jocelyn May, Jocelyn Michelle, Jocelyn Nicole, Jocelyn Rebecca, Jocelyn Marie, Jocelyn Louise, Jocelyn Rose, Jocelyn Claire, Jocelyn Shenade, Jocelyn Belle, Jocelyn Yvette


Jamie - October 25

Jocelyn's what I was going to name my daughter, but we went with Serenity Yvonne instead. (Yvonne is a family name of mine, the first daughter of every generation for like 6 generations has the middle name Yvonne)


I like these...... - October 25

Jocelyn Paige, Jocelyn Sierra, Jocelyn Brooke, Jocelyn Makenzie, Jocelyn Christine, Jocelyn Alexis, Jocelyn Taylor


HH - October 26

I was going to say Jocelyn Kate, too! I think that sounds gorgeous and sophisticated. That is definitely my pick for the middle name!!


Janice - October 26

Yeah I do like the way Jocelyn Kate sounds, but I like Jocelyn Marie that Gemma suggested, I think I'll run it by my boyfriend and see what he says. By the way Jamie I love the name Serenity Yvonne it sounds so beautiful together. Thanks for the help ladies!


Jocelyn Nicole - October 26

Is nice!


Tanya - October 26

What about Jocelyn Sheridan


Shelby - October 26

I like Jocelyn McKenzie and Jocelyn Kate, but a lot of that depends on her last name and how it's going to roll off the tongue. Are you going to call her Josie? I'm also looking at girls names, I can't decide between Trinity Kaitlyn Clark or Kaitlyn Elisabeth Clark. I also like the name Ca__sidy, but my fiance isn't crazy about it. What do you think??


Gemma - October 26

To shelby. I love the name Trinity but it would not go with the last name that my baby would have. I love Trinny for short.


Natbug - October 26

Shelby- My daughters name is Kaitlyn, great choice! LOL Trinity is very pretty also!



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