Please Help With Girl Names Im Not Good At This

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Britt - February 8

I don't know if I'm having a girl or a boy yet, but i already have a boy name picked out just in case. So i kind of want to have a girl name ready also. All i have so far is Zoe Elizabeth, but my boyfriend doesn't like the name...So any suggestions? I like names that aren't too common, but not to out know? So like, no brittanys, ashleys, jessicas...and all that. Besides, i already have about 5 million family members who like to name their kids those names. :-\ Anyways, this is the fun part of having a kid for most people all of you out there that love naming kids, HELP ME...please! By the way, I might like something with Lauren in it..doesn't matter if it's the first name or middle... ok thanks for the help!


Rebekah - February 9

Girl Narlisha, Boy Malik


Em - February 9

I love Amelia Mae (my niece is Amelia known as Milly) , Sophia, Lucia, Marta (not Martha), Benedicta, Emma, Ellen - aand I know two little sisters called Glory and Hope - quite cool. Good luck with the baby.


Bigbelly#2 - February 9

Ashlyn, Ailis (pronounced A-lish), Eden, India, Ellie, Jorryn.....


loopie - February 9

I like Ella, Madison, Emma and Katelyn Rose


Amy - February 20

i like kya, kyla, talia (pronounced ta-lee-ya), kalia, demi, terri-ann, tyra


Some Girl Names - February 20

Angelena, Angelique, Savannah, Taylor, Casey, Hannah, Mikayla, Alexus, Anestasia, Faith, Destiny, Katrina, Aaliyah. Hope this helps.......Good luck.


J - February 20

I have a friend whos little girl's name is Caira, pronounce like the city in egypt only ending with a. I also like the names Laila, Olivia, Amelia, there are so many great girls names.


ME - February 20



c - February 20

this is the fun part!!! it becomes hard when you start to obsess about it. I love love love the name Shea for boy or girl. I'm having a girl and wanted to use this name ... but its the name of my husbands friend... he just couldn't do it. we decided on Sayla. Anyway... GOOD LUCK!


klm - February 20

Sophia, Maleina, Amelie, Madeline


H - February 20

We named our daughter Fallon, 7 years ago. I have never met another and I still love it.


shanna - February 20

hi, inames my first girl AIMREE KIRA but i got it from a girl i once knew her name was amaree i like aimree better amaree was to close to marie and that name has way been warn out forever ago! anyways, if i have another girl, it would be my third girl, i wanna name her Karenna. i am all about originality ...


ekay - February 20

Girls-Lauren Adele (pronounced uh-dell), Embry/Ambree, Saylee Lauren, Camden, Lauren Rose, Audrey, Kyla, Beatrice, Libby, Sofie.....Boys-Trent, Damen, Braden, Cash, Marley, Aiden, Brave, Hudson, Jack-Elliot. Hope that helps!. If I have a boy, I will be naming my little one River.


ekay - February 20

Hey, H, what a cool name-Fallon!


H - February 20

Why, thank you Ekay! River is a great name too. I really like the unique and different.


Michelle - April 10

Madeline Marie, or Kyler Ann are my two favorites. babies are fun...good luck!



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