Please Help With These Names

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Jessica - September 2

Okay I do not know if I am having a boy or girl but if i have a girl I was thinking about either Kaitlyn Nicole or Avery Lynn. Which one do you like better or if you dont like them at all.


tuna salad! - September 2

I do not care for either of them but I dislike names that have a "kaylee", "kayla", "kaitlyn" sound to them. They are overused and sound annoying. I really dislike the name "mikayla". If you like them that is all that matters. They will be your kids not mine:)


kl - September 2

i love the name kaitlyn nicole...that is very pretty!


YC - September 2

I vote for Avery Lynn it's unique and pretty!


Lynne - September 2

Avery is so it a lot (except that I would switch it up a bit and go with Avery Nicole). You could call her Ava for short. :)


lacy - September 2

kaitlyn nicole


Me - September 2

Kaitlyn Nicole, definitely!


Charlene - September 2

I really like Avery Lynn or even Avery Nicole- nice choices!!


jb - September 2

Kaitlyn Nicole, Love that.


Nelly - September 2

I like Avery its rare very unique.


chelsey - September 2

I love the name Avery. My friend named her little girl Avery Danielle.


sian - September 2

i think kaitlyn nicole sounds beautiful!


Olivene - September 2

Avery Lynn is gorgeous! Unique but very cla__sy. Kaitlyn is so common and just doesn't seem like a name that will work when she grows up. Go with Avery!


stardust - September 6



alchemyfyr - September 10

Hi. I am 14 weeks pregnant and if I have a girl I am naming her Avery May. I am a teacher and one of my most memorable children was a girl named Avery and my husband's Great Aunt Mae pa__sed away a couple of years ago and he always wanted to name a child after her so our child's middle name will be May after her. For a boy we have picked Jacob after another child I worked with (not sure of a middle name yet). My niece's name is Katelyn but I do agree that it is a pretty common name nowadays, but it does suit her though. Names always grow on people and seem to fit them and you can't imagine them being named anything else after you know them. Good luck!


kEEKEE - September 10

My son name is Avery. So I love the name. What about An'a Rose ,Ana Marie, Eva...Cute names



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