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Mrs.Ireland - February 13

I have severe anxiety and of course I am off my meds while pregnant. I always think the worst. So, laying in bed last night I was thinking about the delivery and labor. Is it possible to have a heart attack or anything like that while going through labor because my anxiety get so bad? I mean my heart could race and race and race, could I have a heart attack or could I die? I know it may see like a crazy question, but I can't stop thinking about it.


sdillon78 - February 13

I really don't think so, I had a c-section but most people say that labor isn't that bad, and you really can't feel anything when you deliver, sorry I can't relate to the anxiety part, but I bet you will be just fine


moescrilla - February 13

well, you're gonna feel plenty when you're in labor. Its gonna hurt real bad, I'm not going to lie. I had an emergancy c-section, but I went through the labor part, just couldnt push him out (cord was compressed) so I didnt feel him come out, but people say it stings real bad. If you have an epidural, it will be pretty easy (like I said though, I dont know about the baby actually coming out) the contractions will be easy though with the epidural. You'll be fine. They monitor your heart rate and the babys, so you'll be in good hands.


Mrs.Ireland - February 14

Thank you for calming me down a little bit. I always think the worst, especially with my anxiety. It's really sucks :-( Thanks again.


Pipa - February 14

I don't think you need to worry about something so extreme but stress isn't great for your baby. I'd suggest that you seek out some alternative treatments for anxiety like meditation or deep breathing exercises. A psychologist should be able to help you out or refer you to someone! Good luck and stay positive!!!


babymakes5 - February 14

I have anxiety problems too. The heart racing, feeling like you're heart is going to jump out of your chest, the shortness of breath, like you can't breath. Yep, been there, done that and it's a miserable feeling. I a__sure you however, when you're in labor (I've done it 3 times-c-section and v____al), that they monitor you and baby very closely. I would voice your concerns to your OB doc and definitely when you arrive at the hospital just so they are aware of your situation. I am 22 wks and have been off of my meds too, but my psych doc says I can take Lorazepam at low doses for those extreme anxiety attacks. So there is relief out there and I know it's hard, but try not to worry-I'm sure everything will go great-good luck!


babymakes5 - February 14

P.S. It's best to wait until 2nd trimester for most of the anxiety relieving meds.


Mrs.Ireland - February 14

Babymakes5, I usually take lorazepam, but I didn't think you could whe you are pregnant. I am 15 weeks and believe me I would love to pop the lorazepam, but I don't. I think I will try some meditation tapes or even yoga. Thanks for your help.



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