Please I Need An Answer Soon

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SUSAN ??VA - July 1

hi, i missed my period that was suppose to start on june 6th ,ever since then i have been testing myself with all the pregnancy test it seems out there, up until 2 days ago they all said neg. finally it said post_tive 2 days ago. but how far can i be. i mean i have been testing ever since i missed my period on june 6!!!what do i tell the doc?


Melissa - June 27

When was the first day of your last period?


hello - June 27

I would a__sume your about a month pregnant


Emma - June 27

You should tell the doctor exactly what you wrote. They can give you a blood test to not only find out if you are pregnant, but exactly how far along you are.


susan - June 28

The funny thing is my b___st are sooo sore, which just started last week. otherwise i feel ok just tired. I am going to the doctor next week. the first day of my last period was may 6th thats the weird part. i missed my june period but only tested postive last week. weird?


bbygyrlk - June 28

All you need to do is remember the first day of your last period and the length of your cycle. If you want, you can go to you can build your own pregnancy calender. Give it a shot, it will help you get an idea of how far along you are.Congrats & Good Luck!


susan - June 29

I did go to that site and it says i am 8 weeks, there is no way i just tested postive last week and i just got b___st soreness last week as well. i think because i missed my june period it is a__sumed that i am further along, but i think i may have gotten pregnant a week or two before my june period, ya know?


lolly - July 1

i'm in exactly the same position! just tell your doctor, exactly what you've said above. don't be ashamed of anything and congratulations!


susan - July 1

so did you find out how far you are along? im so anxious to know how far i am. i am awaiting the dr appoitment =) can i only be like 5 weeks? i mean can you skip a period after become pregnant a week before that?



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