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goingtobefamous - November 6

well my periods are generally irregular timing wise, but they are always the right length and flow which is 3 or 4 days of red flow and maybe one spot of brown. and i can tell when im ovulating because of cramping. well sept 2nd was my last "normal" period then sept26th i had brown spotting with a little bit of red which lasted a whole week. it ended either oct 2nd or 3rd.(which that was a whole week or so early) then i took a test the night of oct 3. BFN and a week or so after this i started dropping my symptoms besides the always tired. but then oct. 25th i started the brown spotting with some red again which lasted about another started oct 25th and the last brown i seen was nov. 1 and now the past few days i have had some light headedness. this whole time though at least once a day everyday i get cramping in my abdomin usually in the left side but sometimes in the middle. What is your opinion and what would you do? Should i wait until the spotting/period shows up again or what?


goingtobefamous - November 6

the spotting all together lasts a week and the red lasts at the most a day and a half...but i have noticed it just as a day


ket1919 - November 7

I would go and see your doctor over this one. From what you told me it sounds like something probably isn't right.


Tory1980 - November 7

Have you done another test to see if there is a chance you are pregnant? It sounds like something has messed up your cycles for some reason and with the bleeding I would suggest getting checked over with your Doctor. I wouldn't wait for the bleeding to show up again.


goingtobefamous - November 7

no i have only taken that one test..if i test again and its negative i will go to get checked out.


Louby Lou - November 13

The same happened to my daughter. I don't want to upset you if you do not want a baby but you could be pregnant. My daughter took a test and it was negative. She had the same symptoms as you and it went on for four months with the cramping and spotting. Eventually she got scared and thought that she was ill and plucked up the courage to go to the doctor who imediately sent her for a scan. She was found to be three and a half months pregnant. Because of the negative early test , period-like cramp pains and the bleeding and brownish discharge she thought that she couldn't possibly be pregnant. However, she was and went on to have a perfectly healthy average sized beautiful baby.



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