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SL - May 20

I will try not to make this long. Here goes. I am 25 yrs old and started professional school last summer. lost 15 lbs and went down to 105lbs. I am 5'8" Anyway, I was on BCP but when I started school my period went wacko. I have not had a period and I have not had "intercourse" ( we did other things) Anyway, I have felt like I was preg since Oct b/c I have not seen a.f. since then. I went to the doc and he did a pelvic and said that my uterus was small and my cervix was normal. he did a urine preg test and it was negative. The other 12 that I have done have been neg, but i just feel like I am preg. If I was 7-8 mo preg, would the doc be able to tell during a pelvic exam for sure 100%. My fiance says that my tummy is still flat, but I feel like I have gained all the weight in my tummy. My cervix hangs down and is hard, but I have no idea how to tell if it is open or closed. I can feel inside the hole( sorry for the TMI) I don't want to seem crazy , but after reading all of these women's stories, I get sooo nervous and paranoid. Shoud I trust the doc and the tests? Thanks for listening


m - May 20

what's your weight now? 105 is thin for a gal that's 5' 8. You don't want to go any lower than that, your bones will start showing, that's not a good sign of health. Maybe this is why you're not having reg. periods. Your tummy may seem like it's bulging because you're thin in other places. Try to eat lots of protein to feed your muscles, and do some abdominal excercies to strengthen that area. Trust your docs tests. If you really were pregnant that test would say positive. Remember, no body is perfect. It's in the eye of the beholder. If that beholder is you looking in the mirror, don't get so worried. We are always more critical of ourselves, than others are of us. Go buy some nice outfits, put them on and I bet you REALLY look great!


Lily - May 20

I would be concerned about your weight to height ratio. Did your Doctor mention this to you at all? This could be the reason for your irregular menstral cycle. If you are truly worried about it, get a second opinion, or my suggestion (I'm not trying to be rude) would be to try and put on a few more pounds (sorry if it sounds a little rude, that's not my intention). Even 5 might make the difference and bring back your cycle. Then, even at 110 you'd still be just as lovely as you are now! I had the opposite problem, I was 5'2" and just over 200 pounds. Yes very large for my height to weight ratio. My periods were so irregular that my doctor advised me similarly; That dropping a few pounds might make the difference. And he was right! I'm now 200 pounds again, but I'm also 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Good Luck :)


Sl - May 20

My doc said the weight loss was from the stress of school. I have gained 12 lbs back already. That is why I am worried. He would be able to tell with a pelvic exam if I was that far along right?


hhmmmm... - May 20

maybe you have anorexia


Louise - May 20

Yes he would be able to tell if you were 7-8 months pregnant. They start feeling the baby's size through your tummy before then. He would definately tell if you were that far on. I hope you get better soon I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. It can't be easy for you.


SL - May 20

When can they feel the baby with a pelvic exam. I AM NOT ANOREXIC. I just had a really hard time dealing with the NEW stress of PT school. I have gained the weight back and I do feel better about how I look. I just fear pregnancy so much b/c I want to finish school and begin my career before kids. Some people on here are so mean.


Carol - May 20

Sweetie, you are not pregnant. There is some other reason why you are not having your period which you doctor needs to find out. There is NO WAY at that far along that your doctor wouldn't be able to tell. The feel of everything changes - your stomach would feel different even to you. Stop worrying about this. It seems to me like you are very stressed out and are having a difficult time thinking clearly. You may want to speak with someone about the stress etc. I hope I don't sound harsh, I am not trying to. My advice is that you speak with a counselor or a professional about the stress you are under. You also may want to see another doctor about the missed periods, but it does seem as if you are missing them because of your stress level. When my sister was in medical school she was very stressed out and this caused her to have very irregular cycles and other problems. Good Luck!


p - May 20

HELLO! Your not pregnant! I was once concerned as to why my periods were irregular, sometimes I wouldnt get it at all. Its stress and change in diet. Try to eat a healthy diet and be less stressed out all the time and you should return to normal,, promise..


m - May 20

I can understand why not having your period regularly makes you wonder if you're pregnant all the time, but really, it doesn't sound like you are, according to your doc. Alot of gals get their periods all messed up for a time, and there's usually a cause for it, but it can be so many differrent things. What you need to do is find a REALLY good doctor. If you live in a smaller town, venture out to the next nearest city that is known for better doctors, and see if you can find a doctor that is willing to do what it takes to narrow down the cause. It could be as simple as your diet or a missing vitamin, or something more serious. SL, maybe you need a vacation! ; ) Doesn't that sound good? Spend a couple weeks in Kauai, Hawaii lounging around on any of the vacant beaches and the stress will disappear like melted b___ter


Davida - May 20

5'8" and 105 lbs! Sounds like your too skinny to me! Have a sandwich while your in Hawaii and your period will come back with a vengance!


mary - May 21

if you were 7-8 months it would be obvious because of houw skinny u r


sandi - May 21

yea if you were 7 to8 months pregant the doctor can feel the baby. I think he can feeel the baby by 5th month cause when they measure your tummy they can feel it


Jessie - May 21

SL, there are a lot of different reason why you could not be having your period, stress is a big factor. However I would suggest taking all precautions to make sure its nothing else. There is a disease called PCOS (Polly cystic ovarian syndrome) It is not contagious or an STD. I would suggest asking your OBGYN to test you for it and have an ultrasound done of your ovaries even if it comes back negative. Heres why. Women who have PCOS can have one or all of the symptoms which are irregular periods, hormonal changes, obesity, and is the leading cause in infertility in women. In addition is causes male patter hair growth on the b___st, face, and abdomen and male pattern hair loss on the scalp. They test PCOS by checking your insulin levels along with your testosterone and estrogen levels. If these tests come out normal and you don’t have any other symptoms of PCOS but have irregular periods then it is possible that you just have Polly cystic ovaries but not the syndrome, which is all the other stuff that go with it. The cysts on the ovaries are the major cause of irregular periods. The only way to ensure you don’t have Polly cystic ovaries is to do an ultrasound. Don’t get scared, PCOS is treatable, it will never go away but it can be controlled. Many women go on living healthy lives and get pregnant with this disease, I did. Good luck!



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