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@[email protected] - September 14

Hi! ladies, I've posted a couple of times on here I don't want to put my initlas at this time... I went for my follow up on my preg and the doctor told me I might have cervix cancer the reason being my last two paps came out not normal well his gonna do a colpo in a few weeks I've been looking up on topic of this case on the internet Im so scared cuz in some cases you have to terminate the pregnancy to cure the cancer if the woman has it.. I don't belive I have it Im 30 yr old preg with my 2 but lost my first at 7 weeks... this baby means so much to me and so far everthing is ok and the baby is normal well the doctor told me im at high risk of having cancer and that I might not be able to have no kids after this one. If by any chance I did have cancer I want to wait to have my baby even thow they say I will have to have it by cesarean as soon as the baby is able to survive outside the womb. Im so scared and cry so much about this my family is of big sopport but I don't see my husband caring a bit about this Im so depressed about this and know that is not good cus of my pregnancy im almost 6 months preg I have alot of faith in'GOD' to and hope and pray that when my resualts come I don't have it!! I do want to be able and have more kids...Im trying to think more about my baby then what the doctor told me If it's not to much to ask for... Ladies PLEASE HELP ME PRAY will be very helpful I know it will and I have alot of faith well ladies I'll keep you guys up to date as soon as I get results back ok Thank You and God Bless You All !!!


Kris - September 14

Aww I am so sorry. I hope your baby is ok!! I will be praying for you! Do you mind if I ask how you lost your first at 7 weeks?


@*@ - September 14

Hi! Kris, I miscarreid I started bleedling a little and from there I just strated bleedling more with cramps


swanofspeedys - September 14

I will pray for you.Good Luck and Bless you and your Baby xx


Kris - September 14

Oh, sorry to hear that.


lacy - September 28

I had two abnormal pap smears in a row, and my doc said i was showing pre cancerous cells...before i could get my coloscopy done, i found out i was preggo. My doc said to wait until the baby is born, and we will go from there...are u sure you shouldnt wait? maybe just get a second opinion...good luck!


CC - September 28

you will be in my prayers good luck


Marlene - September 28

Is your doctor sure it isnt HPV? Or some women when pregnanct just have abnormal paps.keep us posted


Jen - September 28

My prayers are with you!



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