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Nicole - October 27

Hello Everyone, I've read many questions and responses and yet I'm having no luck. My issues and questions. My LMP was Oct. 5 ending Oct 10 and we have been trying to conceive since the 10th. It's now the 27th and I've been feeling quite ill. My br___ts are tender, I feel faint, tired at times, I haven't vomited but feel like it most of the time, if I lay on my back my stomach hurts and I feel pressure. I've been using the bathroom frequently and had the runs as well. I've noticed when I was ovulating that there was clear mucus and then it stopped, then I began to have a watery white discharge for a few days and today I noticed a little clear mucus once again. I feel light headed and I have a headache every now and then. Is my body playing games on me due to the fact that we want a child so badly? It doesn't hurt when I urinate *so no bladder infections*. Is my body preparing for yet another period or is there a chance that I'm pregnant? I know, I have to wait to make sure but my dear lord this waiting is driving me crazy. I've also thought that it could be cysts but previously I've never felt this horrible. Any thoughts or suggestions, even someone that is going through the same thing as me? Thank you !


Melissa - October 27

Since you were activley trying to concieve...the chances of you being pregnant are high. Tender b___sts, nausea, fatigue, and lightheadedness are all signs of pregnancy. When is your next period due?....Take a test the day after you miss your period...or you can buy a really sensitive one and test a few days before your period is due. Good luck....this doesnt sound like symptoms that are all in your head!


CEM - October 27

Nicole - it sounds like you most likely are pregnant. Like Melissa said, if you have in fact been trying to conceive then you're probably pregnant! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :-). PS: I've had 3 babies, and felt the way you described every time, so I doubt it's in your head.


Nicole - October 27

Hi Melissa and CEM, I appreciate the both of you responding as my fingers are crossed as well. My next period is due Nov 5 or 6th due to there are 31 days in this month. My b___sts are not as tender as they were yesterday and the cm is white and watery looking. I went onto a website last night called and wow what an amazing website. It really helped what everyone was feeling before and after they ovulated. Thank you for the input ! Baby dust for all !!!


Lacy - November 2

I sure hope you are! how exciting! please keep us posted...I get anxious!



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