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camilliah - June 22

I had s_x on Tuesday June 8, 2010. It is now Tuesday June 22, 2010. For the past week I have been really stressed and I have been constipated and a little tired. I took a Home Pregnancy Test on Saturday June 19, 2010 and it came out negative. But I hardly peed and I know the test instructions say that it's supposed to be 5 seconds, so I don't know if that had an effect on the test or not. My last period started on May 26, 2010 I believe. I'm hoping my period comes on before this month is over which is next week. Right now, I can feel it coming on, but its not really showing. Please help me find out if you think I'm pregnant or not. Thank you so much.


Grandpa Viv - June 23

It sounds promising! Do you have a regular 28 day cycle? S_x on cycle day 12 is comfortably inside the fertile window. Constipated and tired starting cycle day 21 count as signs. It sounds as though "lotion discharge" might be part of the picture too. Your test was too early. Try again this Saturday if a good period has not showed, and use first morning pee, dip method. Other signs might include lightheaded moments, backache, emotions, smells, appet_te, peeing more often etc., all where different from normal PMS. Let us know how it goes. GL!


camilliah - July 10

Okay, my period did come on June 23. It lasted until June 27. It was pretty normal for me. Filled the pads up in about 4-6 hours. But I still took a HPT on June 26 in the morning when I woke up. It was negative. So I thought I was fine. And then a week later, I took another one on July 3 in the morning and it was negative again. My questions is now, could I still be pregnant? Not really any signs of pregnancy, but My eyes feel tired now but someone said that's because I'm not really active. And movement in my stomach but I think it's just gas. I do go to the bathroom (not to pee alot) but I am not constipated. Alot of people think I am not pregnant. But I looked up people that still continued to have their periods and negative HPTs and they were still pregnant. What is the real truth? Please help me. I am so confused here.


Grandpa Viv - July 10

You seem to be obsessing about the possibility. Was your s_x June 8th completely unprotected? You have no convincing early signs of pregnancy and a negative test when 10 days late (not). Take another test Sunday 18th just before your next period is due, just to convince yourself you are in the clear. If that is not good enough, schedule an annual gyno physical and discuss your concerns. GL!



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