Please Read Home Doppler Side Effects

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g - October 5

My DR gave me a written letter stating that he does not recomend constant bombardment with the Doppler on a daily use. If used infrequently for short periods of time ok. It can lead to heart problems in the future!


susan - October 5

hmmhhh? Interesting.... so what about all the women who are hospitalized for months and get checked daily????? Are they all gonna have messed up kids?


to susan - October 5

Most hospitals use electronic fetal monitoring rather than doppler.


to susan: - October 5

Susan, don't act like such a smartie. She's just pa__sing on info that her doctor provided and it's probably true.


to everyone - October 5

Well, my doctor has absolutely no problem with me using every day and the fda has recommended use (daily or otherwise) so I would love to get the source of your doctor's theory. I thank you for this information but I don't think we need to create unnecessary panic unless it needs to be..


Tess - October 5

I "to Susan" this whole "it is probably true" is jumping the gun isn't it? I mean, do you realize how many women use dopplers on a daily basis. I myself use it very often and have often been on the FDA site too(the fda has no reason to lie, it is not like they are promoting the item) and it mentions no side effects whatsoever no matter how much you use it. So I'd like some proof before I believe this.


kris A. - October 5

Actually my doc told me the same thing - I really wanted one because I had such a troubled first 4 months - bedrest, bleeding, the whole nine yards. He said the baby does get stressed by the doppler, so I didn't get it. Now at 33 weeks and baby doesn't stop rolling around, so I feel much better....


Em - October 5

My doctor does not say it is dangerous at all. She has mentioned that the only reasons doctor's might tell their patients not to use it often is because it can be misleading later in the pregnancy. In other words, the mother might not feel movement, she uses a doppler and thinks the baby is okay b/c she hears a heartbeat, but does not realize that the baby is in fetal distress. Plus, most women stop using it so much when they can start to feel the baby so I don't think frequent use at the beginning is a problem. I am sure a lot of women are using them frequently.


Tess - October 5

For those whose doctor's say it is dangerous, did you take the info at face value or did you actually ask for sources and reasons? I just don't get why some docs would say it is dangerous and others not. It makes no sense to me. Shouldn't doctors feel unanimous about such a "dangerous" thing? They seem to all agree about other things that harm the fetus.


Amy - October 5

i have one because i m/c in may and thought it would ease my mind but i told dr i had one and he never said any thing but i just find heat and listen for a moment and thats all not even an minute i'm 20wks 4d but baby don't move as much as i would like to feel like i can send it back i know i'm crazy :)


g - October 5

To susan-yes i see your point and i'm not trying to panic anyone. I just felt i should pa__s it on. To everyone-not all dr agree. You will get some to say its ok, some its bad and some they dont know. It's up for everone to use at their own choice and own risk dangerous or not. I have bee using the doppler almost daily for like 3 weeks now and he just told me this today. He said once in a while is ok. He is also the one that told me not to use Motrin while pregnant which was in'98 cause i was having alot of pain and bleeding.. Another DR that worked for the same clinic said it was perfectly safe! Just like all the differnt warnings of milk, too much is bad then a few years later they say alot wont hurt! All i am saying is we make our own choice based on how we feel, and what we investigate. I to read fda approved. Ok Lookup AIUM-American Inst_tute for Ultrasound in Medicine and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is where. All its saying is there a possibility but then if they think that where and how did they get their info from?I wander that to. Sorry if i upset anyone.


g again- - October 5

Sorry i want to clear up something. I was having that bleeding and pain before i was told about motrin. That one DR told me it can cause lung problems in the unborn child and can lead to death. But like i said i was already having prob. so i cant blaim it on that by itself or at all. Also i know alot of women who used motrin and their kids are perfect! Sorry hope i cleared things up.



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