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Marlene - August 31

I have been a little paranoid of being pregnant. And I have recently gotten my period this morning. I am aware that it happens, when your pregnant, you get your period or start spotting. But, my period is just like it usually is, it's heavy, like always on the first day and I've been getting usual cramps and the blood smells and looks the same as usual. I know I have to wait it out and see how long it lasts to determine weather I'm pregnant, but I was wondering. If I get my period for the whole 7 days, does that mean I'm not pregnant? And, if I was pregnant, would there be anything different about my period, like the color of blood, smell, or cramps ...or anything else? I'm sure it'll be different for each women, I just want to hear your opinions or experiences! Please reply!


Marlene - August 31

Sorry for the double post! Just try and ignore one -.-


Melissa - August 31

If you have gotten your period and it is on time and not lighter or shorter than usual, than it is a pretty safe bet you are not pregnant. The majority of women do not spot of bleed when pregnant. Usually, the bleeding that can occur is called implantation bleeding, when the fertilized egg implants into the uterus, but most women do not have this. If you think you may be pregnant, take a test. If you are on your period right now, your probably not pregnant.


Marlene - August 31

Thank you very much for your reply Melissa, it's really helped!


Beth - August 31

It does not sound like you are pregnant. It sounds like you are having your normal cycle. From what I understand implantation bleeding is more of a spotting not actually a heavy flow like you are having. Not all woman have implantation bleeding. I did not have implantation bleeding. I would not even think twice about being pregnant.


wendy - August 31

if your period is the same as it normally is then there is really nothing that you should worry about. my husband and I have recently started to try to concieve and i have done a lot of research on conceiving, a regular period durring pregnancy is extreemly rare, there is spotting in some women, but you would be able to tell if it was just spotting or a period. also if you know when you are fertile you can help determine when you would be able to get pregnant (and not get pregnant.) the time when a woman is most fertile is 8 to 14 days from the first day of their last period, just FYI.


Marlene - August 31

Thank you VERY much for all the replies, they've helped a lot, and I'm really thinking I got real lucky this time and plan not to have s_x without all the proper protection and when I'm able to handle it on my own!



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