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a - October 26

Hi i am a 15 yr old male. Me and my girlfriend had s_x last month on the 2nd night of her period. I used a condom with a spermicide lube. She told me today that after we had s_x her period pretty much stopeed so it only lasted 2-3 days. Now she is about 10 days late and I know she has been very stressed since the day we did it. Do you think we should be worried or are we okay its the stress. please respong quickly were very worried.


K - October 26

it is possible that stress can cause a missed period. if you used a condom and spermicide, and you had s_x on her period, it is most likely that she is not pregnant because she probably wouldn't have been ovualting..although it is not impossible i'd say the chances are very slim.


tash - October 27

as ur girlfriend was already having a period when you had s_x even if ur sperm leaked through a condom and avoiding the spermicide lube(very unlikely) the chances of your girlfriend releasing another egg so close to having a period are very very slim. dont worry.


Tara - October 27

Can i first say that it is refreshing to here of a young lad that is actually concerned about something so important and not doing a runner and also to here that you have used proper contraception. Chances are very very very slim of a pregnancy and i would put money on the fact that it is the stress and worry that is causing her period to be late, tell her to try not to worry, and maybe take a test for piece of mind, if she isnt pregnant; normally the releif of getting a negative test will bring her period on!! Best of luck, continue with safe s_x! xx


a - October 27

Another thing every morning she wakes up and feels sick but do you think thats just from worrying about it non stop?


a - October 27

and im sorry but also your saying thats not a bad sign she stopped her period after we did it when it was only the 2nd day? I didnt no if having s_x could stop it or what.


a - October 27

We also had sen on the 4th of that month but her period usually starts around the 17th so it came when it normally does. There is no way that is implantation bleeding is it . I asked her and she said she felt just like it was her period all the signs and knew she was about to start. So she thinks it was her period but i didnt no if it could stop it if u had s_x while on it.


Buba - October 27

Is she regular? I am a__suming she is young like you and it is very common for young girls to have irregular menses. If she is not regular, being late 10 days in nothing to worry about.


a - October 27

She is usually regular but I didnt no if that period was implantation or her period. She says she knows it was her period by the way she felt before and while it was going on. I just didnt no if having s_x can cause a period to stop in middle of her period.


K - October 27

I'm not sure if I'm calculating right, but if she is regular, it is maybe possible she was ovulating on the 4th if you say she started her prd on the 17, on time...and you can be pregnant and still get a prd.Usually it wont last as long or be as heavy, but sometimes there is no noticeable difference, this could be implantation.I don't think it would normally stop her prd from having s_x, unless it was your first time or something.What I'm saying Is I wouldn't worry about her being pregnant from when you had s_x while she was on her period, but if you had s_x on the 4th( 2 wks b4 her prd that was only 2 days long) as well like you said that May be a possibility.If you used protection on the 4th as well, there's probably not a huge chance..but if she is having symptoms and what not you never know. Take a test


Amanda - October 28

okie I have situations like this before, having s_x during a period does cause females to stop bleeding, and sometimes makes her late for her next period


Mellissa - October 30

Kudos to you guys for being safe and using birthcontrol! It's a good idea for both of you to figure out exactly how a womens reproductive parts work as well so you won't need to worry yourselves as much in the future so, read up on it. You might also want to consider the pill (if she can be insured) as it provides 97-98% accuracy even without the neccessary STD protection of the condom. And everyone is right, even if she has a dependable period cycle, you never know if her body might ovulate at a different time than normal, she is still growing and the body doesn't obey rules all the time. Best not to play roulette with it all and stick to your birth control, even if she is having her period and there is a LESSER chance of her getting pregnant. It's just possible however, in this case, that her period was just finished. Best bet, wait until she's missed her NEXT period (28 days after the first day of her LAST period-the one she had while you had s_x) and then test.



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