Please Share Your Experience With Vacuum Forceps Births

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Rachel - November 14

Hi all ~ I'm getting scared after hearing a few horror stories. What are your experiences with vacuum or forceps births? Please share, THANKS!


hi - November 14

Vacuum delivery's are not so bad if you have had an epidural before they do it. I had an epidural with my first born and had to have a vacuum delivery. It feels weird becausing instead if pushing they are basically just pulling it out of you. and there is some pain and burning at the end because you had no time to gradually strech out your perenium. My baby also came out with a baseball size raised bruise on his head were the vacuum was placed. this is because when they apply the suction cup it pulls all the blood in the area to that spot but the bruise went away with in a week and the risks of having a vacuum are far less then having a forceps delivery


Shana - November 14

I had a vacuum delivery with my first. The doctor thought I had an epidural but after it was all over realized there was a kink in the line or something so there was no medication going through. It did burn a lot at the end but it was worth it. I was scared of the pain too but when you don't have a choice, I guess you just deal with it. After my daughter was born, she had a very cone-shaped head, but after a few hours it was back to normal. I'd have a vacuum a__sisted delivery again, if I have the proper medication.


Carrie - November 14

I had a forceps delivery with my son, it was an emerg. delivery because of his heart rate dropping. Even with an epidural it was NOT fun at all. Very painful, but it was over quickly. My son had a very bruised head for a few days and still has a small scar under his eye and on the tip of his nose, but they aren't too noticable.


Mary - November 14

With the birth of my daughter, the doctor used forceps, and it hit her in the eye - she's now blind in that eye. Now that she is old enough, we take her to a specialist, that keeps her fitted with a lense that is painted to look just like her other eye, so you can hardly tell there's anything wrong with the othe one....but still, she's blind.


ally - November 14

didn't realise forceps were still used, i had the vac_m and its over fast, in my opinion internals are worse at that time when they measure where baby is, no epidural, it was too late and i was never keen on a needle in my back, theres no real relief til baby is out, gas didnt work, pethadine makes u lazy hah, its something i didnt scream over, i think the screaming ladies dramatise it slightly, it's no picnic but having ya hand chopped off would hurt more, great eh eh, good luck


had a vacuum delivery - November 14

and a push. The colluded against me and told one of the nurses to push on my belly. If I ever see her again we are going to duke it out. Anyway it hurt like hell even with an epidural and I tore pretty badly. My labor had stalled and it was approaching the 24 hr mark. ( My bag of waters had already broken) I was more relieved to have it out of me, but still if I EVER see that nurse again...


Jenn - November 15

After being in labor for over 40 hours, pushing for 2 hours, and my son's heart rate going down after each contraction the doctor gave me the option to use the vacuum or take an hours rest while she went to do a c-section on another patient. I opted for the vacuum and I did tear pretty bad and have an episiotomy, but I didn't have any pain withte vacuum. I had the epidural and didn't even know he was out until after. He had a very slight bump on his head but not the conehead I was expecting. I think we would have lost him had we chose to wait. He was blue when he came out and was rushed to the NICU. I am so glad I chose the vacuum and the vacuum itself was not a bad experience.


~m~ - November 15

My sister was delivered with forceps and one whole side of her face was nothing but a big scab for quite some time. But that was 17 years ago.


ally to jenn - November 15

christ jenn, 40 hrs is absolutely cruel, why didn't they do a ceasarian, mine was around 11 hrs and i thought that was cruelty enuff,


Jenn - November 15

To make it worse I was 2 days late, I think they should have done a c-section. I went to the hospital when the contractions were 5 minutes apart and I wasn't even dialated to a 1!!! So they sent me home. When I went to my scheduled weekly appointment the next day (labor still kept on) I was only to a 4 but told them I had enough so they gave me the epidural. I then only dialated 1 cm an hour. So, ya, I now have a new doctor. Long labors run in my family but with all the options out there I hope never to go that long again. My little boy turns 2 on Saturday and he was worth every minute.


teigan - November 16

i had the vacuum with my little boy, i had no pain relief and it didnt hurt the actual labour hurt but didnt feel a thing they had to cut me and gave me a little injection near my lady bits just to numb it, mine and my sons heart rate was dropping because i wasnt pushing properly ( no idea why ) he didnt even have a mark on his head, so so beautiful... im planning on having no drugs again, but apparently this baby is a monster so il have the epidural ready just incase!!! xxx


Darlene - November 16

My sister suffered from infertility for years before conceiving her miracle baby. The doctor needed to do a forcep delivery but something went terribly wrong. My sister was told that her baby was stillborn and they rushed the baby out of the room. My brother in law demanded to see the baby's body and was told that the baby was already in the morgue. When he demanded they bring him upstairs and threatened with a lawyer they eventually brough up the baby. When my brother in law looked at him he saw that the doctor had stuck the forceps through the bottom of the babies chin and up thru his face. It was horrible. I am not telling you this because I think that forcep delivery should never be preformed..I realize this is a definitely not common. Sometimes forcep deliveries are needed. As long as you trust your doctor and are comfortable with their training I would do whatever needs to be done. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are not comfortable about something. SAY SO!! I wish you all the best...God Bless!!


Darlene - November 16

I meant to say that thr forceps went thru the baby's face and down and out thru his chin...the way I described it at first makes it sound like the baby was breech...which he wasn't


Sad - November 16

Jesus Christ Darlene! That is horrible! I am so very sorry for your sister and her husband! Tell me that they took legal action against this doctor?


~m~ - November 16

OMG Darlene! I am so sorry for your sis and brother-in-law! That is terrible! Was that what caused the death, or was the baby actually still born? Like someone else said, I hope they sued the CRAP out of the responsible parties!


Darlene - November 16

The baby was not a stillborn. That was just a quick cover up for the moment. This was 7 years ago. So I am sure that things have changed since then. But, yes they did take legal action against the hospital and (of course) won their case. They went on to have a beautiful little girl 2 years ago. (After struggling yet again to become pregnant)



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