Please Someonr Reply Feel Like Im Going Insane

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bjovs1 - May 8

hi there, my name is sara, i am supposed to be 6 wks pregnant, 7 this friday, i started spotting last tues and due to a m/c earlier this year they sent me for a u/s, she checked my womb and said there wasnt anything she could see(she couldnt see a sack 0r anything), well i had my bloods done, they came back the next day at 150. still spotting lightly, i had a few cramps on sat, started spotting a bit heavier on sunday, had my bloods took 2day and they were 500, still spotting, like the beggining of a period, not bright red but pinky, i used the ovulation sticks, i was supposed to ovulate on the 7th of april but it was showing up on the 4th untill the 7th, didnt test after that cos i had no test sticks left, my cycle is always 28 days, the nurse said that my levels arent doubleing as they should, can anyone shed any light on this or give me some advice, ive got to go back on weds for more bloodwork, trying not to go insane in the meantime, i really dont know wot to think xx sara


bjovs1 - May 8



bjovs1 - May 8

sorry, it was showing that i was ovulating from the 4th untill the 9th then i ran oout of sticks and i thought that if i had s_x during this time i would have a good chance of getting pregnant


bjovs1 - May 8



Mandy1984 - May 8

well the hormone levels are what they should be (even better), At 6.5 weeks I had a v____al u/sound done and they couldn't see anything and wrote ''doubtful viability'' on my notes, saying if I was pregnant I would only be 4 wks....Well I'm now 18 weeks and baby has caught up in size and my scans are the same as my dates... GOOD LUCK


bjovs1 - May 9

hi there, its also the spotting thats worring me, and the fact that she says my levels are way too low, got to go back 2moro and have more bloods taken, they didnt double from last thurs till mondy, like i said ive never gone through this b4 so i m not sure about the levels, thanks for replying, i will post 2moro evening when i get my blood results back, sara xx


Alexi - May 9

Are they sure it's not an ectopic?


bjovs1 - May 9

i dont know, i think we are going to go down that road after the blood results 2moro, ty for replying


CKSAN - May 9

I agree with Alexi, that may be why they are checking your blood levels as they are. Do you ever have spurts of dark red blood? or dark but really watery at the same time? This is what I had with my two tubal pregnancies. The Dr. did tell me they usually can't see anything on ultrasound until HCG levels reach 1,000 anyway. You are probably getting close. Rising numbers but not doubling is a sign of ectopic. However, if they level and then start to drop, that would indicate misscarriage. Believe me, you would rather have the later than the former... I've been through both.


bjovs1 - May 9

i did have a spurt of dark red this morning after a few cramps, this was the first time it happened, looks like im going down that road then, will they have to take my tube away ?


kelley32 - May 9

A friend of mine had an ectopic a few weeks ago and they gave her a shot of methotrexate (sp?), it dissolves the embryo without causing any damage to your tube... good luck, I wish you the best.


Stace - May 9

Hi hun I had ane ctopic 3 years ago and was treated with a methatrexate shot. If it is ectopic they will monitor your bloods every 48 hours and see if they double, if they continue to rise but without doubling then it could be ectopic but if they keep dropping it could be a sign of a mc. Hang in there hun I know how heartbreaking this can be and really hope that this all works out for you. If this does turn out to be ectopic then its still early and you should be treated effectively with drugs and your fertility should be protected also if this is mc then while it is upsetting again your fertility is not compromised. My heart goes out to you hun and I hope everything works out well. If not then you may like to look on the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust Forum which offers a lot of help advice and support should you need it. Hope this helps hun.xxxxxxxxxx Stace


bjovs1 - May 10

hi there, im afraid its not looking good, i had my bloods taken 2 days ago they were 500, i had them done again 2day and they had gone down to 425, so it looks like a m/c is on the cards for me, im gutted, im scared as wot is to happen next as they havent really advised me on anything, the nurse just phones with my results then tells me 2 come in 2 days later, shes leaving me a m/c leaflet on friday when i have to go back for more bloodwork, thanks for listening, sara xx



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