Please Stop

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leyla - March 2

Ladies I used to love this site now alot of the post are so negative. I am asking that if someone writes something negative that we all just ignore them. I just want information on having a baby hopefully just like everyone else. Please just ignore negative comments


momof3 - March 2

You should go to the site It has a lot of really cool boards and every one has to sign up so there is none of this who's who c___p.


to momof3 - March 2

thank you momof3 I will do that good luck to you


As the world turns! - March 2

I sure am glad I am in my 30's and past all this high school drama c___p. Perhaps some people have too much time on their hands. So much for a general pregnancy board. Thanks for the tip "momof3!"


TO NANCY - March 2

i think its very sad that one woman is ruining a site thet i have come to like...GOOD JOB NANCY!!!!!


momof3 - March 2

".........." Now that's uncalled for! and just for you to know it's You not ya!


Heidi - March 2

Just ignore them. When you acknowledge they're there, they won't let up. It's so lame.


klm - March 2

It is everyones fault that this site is sucking right now. Let's just stop playing into the madness!!!! Ignore the negative comments, please! And lets stop with the nasty language too, the swearing has gotten out of control!


Billie - March 2

...., why are you trying to get this site shut down? I'm new here and I have gotten a lot of helpful advice from a lot of these ladies. I'm sorry if someone was mean to you but that doesn't mean you can go around talking sh!# to everyone else.


MAD AS HELL!!!! - March 2



To~MAD AS HELL!!!! - March 2

Then read a good book! Sounds like someone needs to get a life


momof3 - March 2

"...." You wish you were that powerful. Ha honey only in your dreams!!!


Yo 4 dots - March 2

Give it up dumb a__s! You have as much power to shut this site down as I do to reach thru your pc and grab you up by the throat. So shut up.


Haha - March 2

Mad as hell, that was funny!


To~MAD AS HELL!!!! - March 2

My you must be college educated and a really cla__sy individual to use such impressive language.You'll make a fine mom!!!!! And for your info. I am not fat.


E - March 2

What's with all of the fat jokes? I called people fat in grade school.


Oh No - March 2

Your not fat, your just BIG BONED!



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