Please Tell Me Im Not Horrible

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Katie - October 20

I am now 13 weeks pregnant...and ultimately I want to have a healthy baby, but deep inside, I feel like I really want a little boy. Im sure that I will love a little girl once she comes, but I just cant get excited about my baby possibly bieng a girl! Has anyone else experienced this? Did you have the opposite of what you wanted, and were extremely happy after? I know I probably sound awful, but I am being honest about my feelings...please help me.


jb - October 20

I think alot of us have felt that way. This is my first so I really didnt care, we found out we are having a girl. Next though I will really want a boy and feel I might be disappointed if its another girl. Im sure you will be happy either way. Its so exciting when you find out that it really doesnt matter. Just remember when they tell you that the heart and all other organs look good in the ultrasound that that's what soooo much more important that boy or girl. You will realize that when they tell you the baby seems healthy, it will make everything else really seem not as important. I'll cross my fingers that you get a boy though! :-)


rl - October 20

No your not horrible but just remember the main thing to want is a healthy baby...I had a really bad scare I got a possitive result from the afp test I tested 1/41 for trisomy 18 which is a horrible defect most babies with that don't live but a few days after birth...when I found this out all I could think about is wanting my baby to be healthy boy or girl I did not care at that point...thank God I found out it was a false possitive and my baby is prefectly healthy and yes I am having a boy...but to tell you the truth at the beginning I really wanted a boy but when that happened and I went for the level 2 sono I was just so thrilled that the doctor said my baby was perfect what I am trying to say is that I was happier that my baby was fine rather than a boy at that time...I hope you never have to face anything like that to make you realize a healthy baby is all that matters your gonna love it no matter if it is a boy or a girl good luck to you and take care


:) - October 20

Your not horrible!


Bonnie - October 20

I think you are normal. My DH and I really wanted a girl but found out we are having a boy. We did feel a little disappointed at the ultrasound. But the truth is, I am happy that he is healthy. For me, I'm glad I found out as it has given me time (I am 26 weeks now) to re-adjust my thinking. I think we all have preferences to what we want. But in the end, good health is what matters.


Lory - October 20

I wanted a girl so bad!!! But when we went for the u/s I fell in love with the baby as soon as I saw it. Then when they told us it was a boy I really didn't care. I'm 30 weeks now, and wouldn't have it any other way! He is so precious....What you're feeling is ok, and I'm sure in the end you will be overwhelmed with joy and love no matter what s_x it is!!! Good luck!


Karen - October 20

Trust me it will not matter. I really did not care. But when I saw my precious little boy for the first time and held him in my hands I was overjoyed and fell more deeply in love with him. My BF wanted a boy and my family a girl. My family is spoilling him so much. Good thing he is a boy dont know what they would do if he was a girl.


klmr - October 20

I worry about this too, for some reason I have it in my head that I want a little girl. I always look at the little girl clothes, and have a girl name picked out. But, I am sure that when I see my little one up on the ultrasound screen I won't care either way.


karine - October 20

your not horrible! i went hrough the same thing. i had my daughter first (wich is what me and hubby always wanted?) we were the happiest. When i got pregnant the second time around. i wanted another girl. but we were told it was a boy, i was so dissapointed. but somehow i though i would be ok. when i got my son, and we went home....i coudnt love him as much as my daughter, and had a hard time with it (i would definitly not show it, i gave him all the love my daughter had, they were treated the same.) my son is now, 22mts. and i love him to death!!!! he is so precious, and i hate myself for not seeing it before. my and hubby think that i may have had a small postpartum...that may have made me feel this way. it lasted maybe a couple of months. now iam pregnant di really think another boy would be great. youll get over your feelings. even if it takes a little after the birth. just make sure that you treat him and show him love as much as you can.


nelly - October 20

You are not horrible at all!! I did this to I had one girl already and I wanted a boy sooo bad and once I found out I was having a girl I was tickeled to death. There my GIRLS!!! :~)


Michelle - October 21

My first pregnancy I had a girl...really wanted a boy, but I love her more than life itself. I am pregnant again, and having another girl. I was a little bumed, because if this was a boy...I was done having kids. But I will try one more time to have a boy. Anyhow, dont feel bad and you will feel different once you see the baby. As long as the baby is healthy, that is all that matters. Good Luck to you!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 21

I have always wanted a little girl. My family has nothing but girls, so I did not even think I was capable of having a boy-LOL- so on my ultrasound date the tech said, congratulations, its a boy! I said "What? are you sure?" She showed me his little boy part and there was no mistake. I was in shock for a few hours or so, but also glad he was healthy. It took me a few days, but I got excited about him. I felt like a horrible mother too for being in shock. Well, now he is here and is 2 mos old and I love him more than I could ever love anyone and would not trade him for the world. I have never dreamed of a more beautiful perfect angel than I was blessed with. I still hope the next one is a girl!


kr - October 21

You are soooo normal!


Kaye - October 21

I thank all of you for your input. I'm 11 weeks and in the same frame of mind. I want a girl and can't imagine having a boy. I just know whatever my feelings at birth I want a healthy baby and I'll love a boy just as much even if it takes a little more time to adjust. Thanks Rachael for being honest!!!


Me - October 30

I may be pregnant for a third time and after having two little guys already I want a girl. I know I will love a baby boy just as much as a little girl but it's going to break my heart if it's another boy. I will get over it but still...I'm hoping!!!!


C - October 30

I really wanted a boy, but I knew my preggo sis would get the boy. She did. Mine's a girl and I wasn't dissapointed at all when I find out. I just felt a little bad that I had wanted a boy while she was in my belly growing for 3 mos. being "unwanted" in a sense. Honestly. And good for you for being honest.


Katie - November 1 ladies are all so awesome! I was afraid to even ask, thinking I would get all these awful comments...Im so glad i asked, and am not the only one!!



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