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Beth - November 16

Hey! I am in here all the time, been TTC since May. Where I live, we are trying to win a free concert and need as many votes as possible. If you all would please go to, then you will see a huge blue circle that says "vote here." click on that, then the first radio station on the left side column "way fm", please vote for her! You will only have to submit your email. I would also encourage you to listen to the radio station online, it is a contemporary/rock/pop christian station and is very cool! You can vote once each day until Friday. Please help us win! We need to win so people who cannot afford to go to a concert will have the opportunity to go. We are from a very small town, and don't match up anywhere near the bigger towns, but I was hoping to at least try. I will continue to pray for all of you. Baby dust!


Mommy - November 16

Well, I'm from a small town so I know the feeling. Good luck, I voted for you.


Beth - November 16

Thank you for your support!


anita - November 16

i voted for you. good luck!


Amy - November 16

i voted good luck


belle - November 16

I voted for you too, good luck!!!


Linneah - November 16

I voted for you also Beth, good luck!!!


Sarah - November 16

I voted for you good luck!!!


Shannon - November 17

Unfortunately it looks like you got some people ahead of you, but I voted for you and I will try and go everyday!


Christi - November 17

I voted!!!


? - November 17

why dont you just put in all kinds of email addresses and just keep voting


CAUSE - November 17

oops caps, sorry. it records the ip adress of the computer.


? - November 17

But if you on dial up everytime you log out and log in your ip changes. It could work unless they have a mac identifier.


Beth - November 17

thank you all! I think we're in 5th place now,. It's looking sad! I don't think we'll be able to catch up. Those cities are just too big and have too many people compared to our little town!


to Beth - November 17

why don't you post this under the other boards, like the 1st-3rd trimester, teen, best age, etc. too.


to Beth - November 17

....I hear you calling but I can't go vote right now because me and the boys have been voting aaall niiiiiiight (not blues) - sorry just the first thing which came to mind.



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