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lin - November 23

[email protected] accurate are doctors when they give ur due date to u? im 26 wks, due feb did i get pregnant in june or may?


CrystalBmommyof3 - November 24

I'm actually having the same problem i went to the doctors today and i'm measuring 36 wks when i'm only 32 I've always believed i was 4 wks more than the doctors thought. I guess we'll both find out when the baby comes. LOL


Christine - November 24

The doc guesses by the date of your last menstual cycle (the first day)...if you were unsure, then they are probably unsure of exact dates as well...and again you may have concieved a little before/a little after so they are not exact...all my sonograms actually have stated that the doc is a week off with mine...but the doc still stays with her date...go figure...good luck


nbp - November 26 far as i can tell not really all that accurate!!!! i was supose to be due on december the 7th, then in my 7th month, or what i thought was my 7th month, i was told that my due date was november the 15th....i still haven't had the baby!!!....but, every one i know who has been pregnate has added up there pregnancy and say that it actually comes out to be 10 months all together, not 9


veronica - November 26

Hi, I've always been told that it's 40 weeks from the last period, providing you periods are reg. So I guess that means it's 38 weeks after conception, if you know the date. Good Luck!


Ellen - November 26

Your EDD is based on the first day of your last cycle and then estimated at 40 weeks (this is an estimate since it could be anywhere between 37 weeks up to 42 weeks and still be considered full term). Only about 5% of women give birth on the actual EDD. Gestation is usually approx 10 lunar months or just over 9 calander months. It sounds like Lin got pregnant in May. Hope this help some.


Amy - November 30

The doctors count your 'weeks' from the date of your last period. I'm 20.4weeks pregnant and concieved in July. I'm due April 15th. I believe this to be very accurate. My friend is 24 weeks and she concieved in June, if you had your 'May' period, then chances are you concieved in June, if not then you concieved in May! Dates are never 100% accurate anyway. x


Christine - November 30

Hey Amy I'm due on the 15th also...hoping I go a little earlier though..


Mellissa - November 30

If your cycle was 28days before you got pregnant, you likely ovulated on May 23rd (8 days after me!) which means this is the day you were most likely to concieve. Keep in mind that sperm can live up to five days so you could have had s_x on any of 5-6days and gotten pregnant with any of that sperm on the 23rd when you ovulated. Also, even if your menstuation cycle was 28days like clockwork, who knows if you actually ovulated on May 23rd exactly or if you were a day late or early. Just the same, the date your pregnancy is due is based on the date of your last period when your cycle is 28days. Your period starts on day one of your cycle, you ovulate on day 14 and if you don't get pregnant, you start your period again the day after the 28th day-back to day one again! But everyone is right, babies only show up 5% of the time on their predicted due date and this isn't always due to miscalculations of duedates. The baby releases hormones to signal to the mother's body that it's time to go into labour, often when quarters become to cramped. Your baby doesn't care that the 40 wks aren't up yet or, have long since pa__sed.



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